GoHealthInsurance.com Discusses COBRA Coverage and Lack of COBRA Subsidies

GoHealthInsurance.com Discusses COBRA Coverage and Lack of COBRA Subsidies for Individuals and Families Looking for Affordable Health Insurance Options

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - July 7, 2010) -  COBRA coverage has already expired for some Americans and is about to expire for many others. As Congress tries to find a way to pass another extension for COBRA subsidies, many Americans are worried how they will obtain health insurance coverage after COBRA.

But even with the subsidy, premiums for COBRA coverage can still be very expensive. And even if Congress is able to extend COBRA benefits, the program only provides a temporary health insurance solution. If individuals and families want to find affordable health insurance elsewhere, they will have to shop for coverage in the private market.

The good news is that individuals and families can find a health insurance policy without too much trouble with the free services at GoHealthInsurance.com. Using the tools developed by GoHealthInsurance.com, consumers can easily view health insurance plans side-by-side from multiple carriers and compare coverage for various budgets.

"Many people coming off of COBRA are shopping for individual health insurance for the first time and don't think there are affordable options available. Consumers can use our tools at GoHealthInsurance.com to shop, compare and purchase a plan from a top health insurance company," said Mark Colwell, Consumer Marketing Analyst at GoHealthInsurance.com.

Consumers on a tight-budget should look for high-deductible health plans which have low monthly premiums and allow consumers to open a Health Savings Account (HSA). HSAs help consumers save money for future health care expenses and budget medical costs.

For people and consumers with pre-existing conditions, the high-risk pools established in reform started accepting applications in 23 states last week. Other states plan on having their high-risk pools running by the end of summer. Consumers can contact their state insurance departments to see whether they are running the high-risk pools in their area.

The health insurance finding tools at GoHealthInsurance.com are available to consumers free at www.gohealthinsurance.com.

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