Salt River Solar & Wind Offers FREE Home Energy Audits to Knockout Arizona's Blazing Summer Hot Spots and Keep Customers' Attics Cool

Free Home Energy Audits Identify Hot Spots That Can Be Fixed With Cool Energy Efficient Steps Including Installing Radiant Heat Barriers, Adding Solar Attic Fans, Sealing Ductwork and Adding More Insulation to Lower Attic Temperatures and Improve AC Unit Performance

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) -  As temperatures in Phoenix soar into the triple digits, Salt River Solar & Wind ( is offering customers a FREE summertime energy savings home energy audit to help Arizona residents identify hot spots in their attics that can be fixed with cool energy efficiency products that will allow them to beat the heat and save money on their electric bills.

Customers that utilize a four-way combination of radiant heat barriers, solar attic fans, sealed air ducts and additional layers of insulation will be able to reduce their home's attic air temperature, which makes it easier for air conditioning (AC) units to produce cold air, reduces energy consumption needed to produce cold air and diminishes the amount of hot air that seeps into their homes through their ceilings.

Four cool ways to ensure summertime energy savings:

Step 1: Add Radiant Heat Barriers to Rafters
The first step is to install a reflective layer of radiant heat barrier material in the attic underneath the rafters, which acts as a mirror to turn away a large portion of the sun's radiation. This keeps the attic much cooler and makes it easier for AC units to produce cold air.

According to a research study conducted by ASU's Department of Technology and Energy Center the installation of radiant heat barriers in attics results in:

  • A 23-degree drop in the peak attic temperature in homes outfitted with radiant heat barriers versus a similar homes without the barrier;
  • A 20-percent reduction in the run-time of the AC unit during the seven hours of peak attic temperatures; and
  • The radiant heat barriers improve the efficiency of cooled air delivered through the air ducts by 57 percent during the same time period.

Step 2: Add a Solar-Powered Attic Fan
The second step is to install a correct-sized, solar-powered attic fan to continuously remove hot air from inside the home's attic and replace it with cooler air from outside. As mentioned above, the cooler the attic is the less work the AC unit has to perform. Installers take special care to make sure that the roof is well ventilated and that all ceiling fixtures and air ducts are properly sealed.

Step 3: Inspect and Seal Leaky Air Ducts
The third step is to inspect and seal leaky ducts, which can reduce heating and cooling system efficiency by as much as 20 percent. All the rooms in a house should be very close to the same temperature. If you walk into room and it is noticeably warmer than other rooms in the house, your duct is leaking or disconnected. This step will make sure all ducts are properly connected, sealed and insulated.

Step 4: Add More Attic Insulation to Attic Floors
The final step is to blanket the entire attic floor with a thick layer of insulation. Many attics have cracks, gaps and bare spots above ceilings' sheet rock that do not have any insulation at all. In many cases square insulation batts and/or rolls of fiber glass are simply not flexible enough to be tucked into every nook and cranny. To solve this problem cellulose insulation is blown over the top of existing insulation and into all gaps and cracks to prevent future heat leaks.

This important four-step process significantly reduces a home's energy consumption, saves money on electric bills and shrinks the home's carbon footprint due to less energy consumption.

Federal Energy Efficiency Rebates
Customers can take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit to help pay for some of the costs associated with installation.

Summertime Attic Inspections
For the next 60 days, Salt River Solar & Wind will perform a summertime home energy audit for FREE. To ask questions about these energy efficiency steps or schedule a Free Arizona home energy audit, please contact Salt River Solar & Wind at (623) 975-2313.

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