Child Care Insurance Professionals Makes Pitch to Lead the Child Care Insurance Industry to New Heights

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - July 15, 2010) -   When Patrick Treend was a member of the Florida Marlins organization, he faced some pretty stiff competition as an up-and-coming pitcher. Now, he's making a pitch to become the voice of our nation's Child Care and Early Education insurance industry.

Treend, President of Security Planning & Insurance Corporation, which for more than 30 years has been one of the nation's most-trusted insurance Agencies, has quickly become one of the most highly respected advocates in the child care industry. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the parent company's two primary entities, Child Care Insurance Professionals and Charter School Insurance Professionals, the preferred choice for insurance in early education and child care.

"My general philosophy is to work as our client's voice, their advocate," says Treend. "We strive to get the most competitive rates and coverage without any allegiance to any one carrier. Generally speaking, child care and early education has very little competition, little to no national resources and no voice as it relates to insurance services. In most cases, people are taken advantage of because of the lack of competition and overall lack of insurance professionals that focus on this market."

Due to his vast insight and expertise on the current trends within the child care industry, Treend is asked to speak at all of the regional conferences for the prestigious National Child Care Association (NCCA). He was recently in Atlanta to address his constituents on the state of the health care industry.

On the new legislation for Health Care Reform: "Under the new Health Care Reform Law, small businesses will find major changes to how they must provide health coverage and how much they must pay for it," claims Treend. "I remain concerned that any advances under the new reform bill will be eroded by the unchecked rise of health care costs that were not adequately addressed in the legislation."

Added Treend, "As it relates to Child Care and small businesses in general, it will have a huge impact for the smaller centers. The majority of the smaller centers cannot afford a traditional group plan and, if they could, the employee base cannot afford their employee portion. The only thing that the reform bill will do in the near future is make the process more confusing and costly."

For Treend to be asked to voice his opinions has not been uncommon since making his pitch to the insurance industry in 2002. After quickly rising in ranks at Liberty Mutual Group and Zion's Insurance Agency, Treend set his strike zone on child care and early education, revamping Security Planning & Insurance Corporation by making it the first insurance Agency of its kind to focus exclusively on providing packaged insurance to private and independent Charter Schools and Child Care Centers nationwide.

Child Care Insurance Professionals and, more recently, Charter School Insurance Professionals, are already considered ahead of their time and are the preferred choice for child care and charter schools looking for cost savings, favorable terms, targeted service and exceptional follow-through.

"Child Care and Charter Schools now have the convenience of dealing with one insurance Agency that handles all their policies, creating a significant cost savings. Our firm's business model of targeted insurance programs and packages, particularly in the commercial child care industry, has taught us the value of market specificity. We believe focusing on a specific market niche enables us to provide targeted service and benefits that an individual school or an independent provider would not be able to access," said Treend. 

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