Global Software Giant Taps ExpertusONE for Impactful, Innovative Virtual Instructor-Led Events

Social Learning Platform Allows for Engaging, Hands-On International Training Programs at Dramatically Lower Costs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - September 15, 2010) -  For a learning organization, the world of successful virtual ILT can be a beautiful destination as long as landmines are avoided along the way. Increasingly more learning leaders are embracing the promise of virtual ILT based on its potential effectiveness and deep cost savings over traditional ILT. With the right road map, it's a literal goldmine. However, the key is to find the right tour guide who can rise above virtual ILT's inherent weaknesses.

A worldwide software organization recently selected Expertus to build a global virtual ILT program that would prepare their sales force for new product rollouts and help avoid the pitfalls of similar training programs. The platform required a savvy architecture as it aimed to educate highly technical sales architects who require quality technology-based programs. ExpertusONE™ was used to host live events around the globe and offer many engaging elements, including live chat with international subject matter experts, hands-on labs, virtual classrooms, online proctors, tech support and much more. 

The benefits of a well-executed virtual ILT program are enormous:

  • Incredible cost savings. The company is primed to save up to $5 million by drastically cutting worldwide travel and event budgets because of virtual offerings that still deliver results.
  • Wider reach of training programs. ExpertusONE will allow the organization to reach the far corners of the earth with training programs. With even a couple weeks of virtual ILT per year, relevant programs can be accessible around the world to employees and the extended enterprise. 

But ExpertusONE takes virtual ILT to another level, addressing its biggest weaknesses. Virtual ILT can be viewed as a discrete training episode or face difficulty maintaining participant focus and participation. The ExpertusONE platform averts these issues by providing a comprehensive and engaging online environment that combines the best of virtual ILT with eLearning, user-generated content, collaboration and virtual facilitation and proctoring.

"During the shift to virtual ILT, it was important to avoid losing learners and credibility, so ExpertusONE offered not only a safety net, but an improved ecosystem from traditional ILT," said Ramesh Ramani, founder and CEO of Expertus ( "By shifting dollars and focus from in-person meetings to highly practical and impactful virtual classrooms, we have removed the hassle and costs of travel, improved productivity in the workplace, and heightened training adoption."

In addition to the successful virtual ILT program, Expertus complemented the program with additional services, including comprehensive marketing programs that promote training opportunities to employees and logistics support, including invitations, registration and employee progress reports.

Expertus (, a global provider of software and services that optimize the business impact of learning, recently announced the launch of ExpertusONE (, a revolutionary new social learning platform that brings together formal, informal, and collaborative learning for all audiences across the enterprise -- employees, customers and channel partners. 

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