TrueCare Launches Social Media Monitoring Service For Parents

Monitoring Service Helps Parents Identify Dangerous Online Cyber Bullying Situations Without Violating Child's Privacy

SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - October 19, 2010) -  TrueCare, LLC (, a provider of a comprehensive Internet monitoring service for parents, today announced that it is offering parents 1000 free trial hours of child monitoring protection as part of its promotion for the TrueCare service.

"Online privacy and protection from the dangers of the Internet is a fairly new issue and only now are parents starting to understand it," said Dave Barker, spokesperson for TrueCare, LLC. "As parents we need to quickly understand the fact that our children can be in danger from cyber bullies and predators even when they are at home."

TrueCare was carefully designed so that parents can monitor a child's social media activity no matter where they access the Internet, at home, a friend's house, school or even their cell phone. TrueCare searches the child's Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts for keywords that may indicate potentially dangerous posts. When an inappropriate post is found parents are alerted by an email containing the full content and context of the post. The parent can then determine if any action is required.

TrueCare automatically searches for keywords in the categories of Sexual Content, Violence, Depression, Bullying, Alcohol and Drugs. However, parents can customize the list to alert them to information that relates directly to their child, such as being alerted when a child discloses personally identifiable information like their address or phone number.

TrueCare features include:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your child's social networking accounts -- whether they access from home, school, the library, a friend's house -- or even via their cell phone.
  • Locates questionable content on your child's pages using a customizable database of over 500 keywords relating to potential dangers.
  • Automatic e-mail alerts are sent to you any time new relevant content is posted.
  • Know who your child's "online friends" are with the Friends Network and Investigate Friend links.
  • Easy access to news articles and resources to educate you and your child on Internet safety, risks and more.
  • One click access to locate sex offenders in your area.
  • Know what they're saying with a dictionary of hundreds of commonly used slang and acronyms.

TrueCare is easy to use, and gives you the comfort and confidence of knowing you're actively working to educate and protect your child against online dangers like predators, cyber bullying, and harmful posts which could damage their reputation.

"As parents we trust our children and we sometimes worry that by monitoring their online activities we're violating that trust," said Barker. "With TrueCare it's not about spying or violating a trust. It's about educating and protecting our children against the bullies and predators that mean to do them harm."

About TrueCare

TrueCare provides a comprehensive Internet monitoring service that enables parents to safeguard their children from the dangers associated with online social networking. TrueCare's unique product was designed by parents to effectively monitor their child's online activity without invading their privacy. TrueCare tracks their activities on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter for inappropriate content and sends parents an e-mail alert when it finds something suspicious. The software provides 24/7 monitoring of social networking accounts, identifies inappropriate or troublesome postings, locates registered sex offenders, and keeps track of online "friends."

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