New Survey Reveals Significant Impact of Immaculate Heart Catholic Radio on Parish Life

Nearly 50% of Listeners go to Mass More Frequently; 51% More Active in Local Parish

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 8, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Results of a November 2010 survey of Immaculate Heart Radio network listeners, conducted by MBA students at San Diego-based John Paul the Great Catholic University, revealed that more than half of survey respondents said they are now more active in their local parishes as a direct result of listening to Catholic radio.

Immaculate Heart Radio, a 24-station network serving northern and central California, New Mexico, Reno, Salt Lake City and Phoenix, commissioned the survey in an effort to quantify the impact of its programming on listeners.

"The results of this survey are overwhelming," says Doug Sherman, founder and president of the network, and a pioneer of Catholic radio beginning 14 years ago with a single Reno station. "We knew we were having an impact on people. We get calls and emails all the time thanking us for being on the air. Over the years, we've heard from literally thousands of people who tell us that our programming has brought them back to the Church, or closer to God, or strengthened their marriage. But we had no idea what a profound difference our stations were having on local parishes. It's truly humbling!"

Bringing new depth to understanding the impact of Immaculate Heart Radio on local parishes, survey results revealed that:

  • 94% are more spiritually engaged and inspired
  • 69% are better able to teach their children the truths of our Faith
  • 31% have come back to the Church because of our programming
  • 47% attend Mass more frequently
  • 51% are more involved with, and more generous to, their local parish
  • 12% had their marriages saved
  • 83% state that they have learned a great deal about their Catholic faith, and half of these saying they have learned more about their faith from our programs than from any other resource in their lives.

"Your station was a major influence on my return to the Church after 40 years," wrote one respondent who wished to remain anonymous. 

Archbishop George H. Niederaurer of San Francisco already recognizes the value of the station in his diocese, noting: "Pope John Paul II was the greatest communicator of my lifetime who said that if St. Paul were alive today, he would be on the radio because it is the electronic marketplace...I believe in the value of Immaculate Heart Radio. It is very important for us to use this tool to reach people about their faith: to deepen it, to broaden it, and to share it with others."

For more information about Immaculate Heart Radio, or to download a copy of the survey, go to

About Immaculate Heart Radio:   Immaculate Heart Radio is a non-profit lay apostolate dedicated to spreading the knowledge, love and practice of the Roman Catholic Faith by means of radio. Its programming content, broadcast to 24 stations throughout the most populous regions of California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, is primarily catechetical, devotional and inspirational.


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