Revolutionary New E-Commerce Video Technology From Cinsay, Inc. Debuts at

Montel Williams Employs First Online Platform Combining Video Marketing and Sales in Player That Is Portable and Can Be Shared Virally via Social Networking, Email and More -- Unique New Technology Now Up and Running at

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - January 13, 2011) - Montel Williams, Emmy Award-winning television host, wellness advocate and entrepreneur, has partnered with Cinsay, Inc. to power his website at with the company's innovative new portable and embeddable video technology. Providing a major leap forward in e-commerce technology, the Cinsay player effectively brings the store directly to the consumer's doorstep via email or social networks, whenever and wherever they are located throughout the web. The new player effectively revolutionizes the way consumers will shop, and increases sales potential exponentially via viral marketing driven by consumer sharing.

"As someone who considers himself to be at the forefront of media technology, I am blown away by how easy the Cinsay player makes it for consumers to learn about and purchase products instantly," said Williams. "When I am online and come across something interesting, I am loathe to quit what I am doing in order to link to another site; so more often than not, that opportunity is lost. Now, consumers don't have to lose their place, because the Cinsay player comes right to them -- loaded and ready to play. And with the ability for consumers to share the player with one another, it is like having your own viral marketing campaign in one neat package. This is truly awesome!"

The new video player is currently up and running at To activate, simply click on one of the video clips and the video player will reveal itself. While the informative and entertaining video plays, associated products become available for purchase. Importantly, consumers can "share" the entire presentation with friends by email or via nearly 50 available social networking applications via the player's built-in sharing capabilities. When the player is shared, the contents and product information travel along with it.

Presently, the Cinsay, Inc. video e-commerce solution is employed at to market and sell Williams' exclusive Living Well Health and Beauty line of skin care products, the new Montel-branded Fuel of Life supplement formulas, and a new line of products called TravelSafe that are aimed at curbing the growing threat of airborne illness.

"We have invested tens of millions of dollars to bring this technology to the marketplace and we are especially pleased to debut our 'baby' at," said Matthew Papish, CEO, Cinsay, Inc. "Montel's reputation for excellence is evident in everything he does, from his award-winning journalism to his successful brands that enrich people's lives. By combining our player with Montel's compelling video content, we are confident in helping Montel reach his maximum potential with previously-untapped customers."

About Montel Williams' Living Well Products, LLC
Montel Williams is the Emmy Award winning host of the Montel Williams Show which ran for 17 years until 2008 -- one of the longest running talk shows in US History. He currently operates a multi media venture around a brand he created, "Living Well with Montel" which includes an international TV format and products aimed at providing the tools to live a healthier lifestyle. Montel has authored four bestselling books. Montel enjoys acting and has appeared on such shows as Guiding Light, All My Children and JAG to name a few. He is a former US naval intelligence officer, motivational speaker, philanthropist and activist. After being diagnosed in 1999 with Multiple Sclerosis, he founded THE MONTEL WILLIAMS MS FOUNDATION to raise awareness and funds for MS research.

More About Cinsay, Inc.
Cinsay, Inc. delivers ground breaking e-commerce experiences through its next-generation video, advertising, and e-commerce platform. Leveraging the latest internet and mobile technology, Cinsay provides a cost-effective and uniquely portable way for brands, retailers, and
content owners to target their customers across the web, social, and mobile channels. The Cinsay platform leverages the strong impact video content has on a consumer's decision to purchase and then Cinsay's proprietary e-commerce software brings the store to the consumer and successfully turns a viewer into a shopper and a shopper into a buyer.

Based in Austin, Texas, with offices in Dallas and Los Angeles, Cinsay is a privately-held company.

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