SHL Group Partners With Matchpoint Careers, Which Is Pioneering Online, Psychometric-Based Job-Person Matching

SHL Group's Proven Candidate Assessment and Job Profiling Tests and Tools to Underpin Matchpoint Careers' Solution

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - SHL Group Limited, provider of talent assessment tools and solutions to employers around the world, and Matchpoint Careers, Inc., developer of an online solution for scientific recruiting and job-person matching, have entered a partnership in which SHL's candidate assessment and job profiling tools will help power the Matchpoint Careers site,

Said Paul Basile, Founder and CEO of Matchpoint Careers, "Recruiting today is stunningly inefficient. Most new hires fail to achieve good or very good ratings six months after being hired, and more than half leave the job within 18 months. This failure usually has nothing to do with the person's deficits in skill or capability; it's almost always because the new hire doesn't 'fit' the organization. Yet most recruiting approaches concentrate on skills and experience. Matchpoint Careers confronts this disconnect head-on.

"We can do this because of the proven, validated psychometric assessments and profiling products of SHL. Our partnership agreement with SHL represents a vote of confidence in our young venture, coming from a company widely acknowledged as the world leader in scientific, high-quality psychometrics." 

Chris Clarke, Vice President of Alliances at SHL, said, "We are very pleased to be involved with Matchpoint and serve it via our intellectual property and products. We see a great deal of potential for optimizing today's flawed recruitment practices. This partnership underscores our continuing commitment to bringing our insights and expertise to benefit organizations in their acquisition and management of talent." 

Matchpoint Careers seeks to reinvent recruitment by replacing today's skills- and experience-centric methods with concentration on the proven predictors of job performance: primarily competencies (how one does the job) and preferences (motivation to do the job), and secondarily capabilities (technical expertise).

Matchpoint Careers aligns these proven predictors of job performance -- already known in detail for virtually every job that exists -- with scientifically assessed features of candidates to produce the best possible job-person match. Candidates complete validated assessments and questionnaires on the Matchpoint Careers site that are designed to reveal the candidate's true job-relevant competencies, preferences and capabilities. Matchpoint Careers provides employers with a shortlist of highly qualified, well-matched candidates, and it notifies jobseekers when they are placed on a shortlist for a job. 

About Matchpoint Careers

Matchpoint Careers ( is a new, online venture that matches people and jobs using psychometrics, job profiling and social networking features to create the best possible job-person match: always based on the proven predictors of performance for that job.

For employers, Matchpoint Careers provides a shortlist of highly qualified candidates, with deep insight into each candidate's competencies, preferences and capabilities, showing why that person is a terrific match for the job. For jobseekers, Matchpoint Careers provides immediate self-knowledge and eliminates the frustration inherent in searching through myriads of job listings. 

About SHL Group

SHL Group Limited ( provides workplace talent assessment solutions including ability and personality tests and psychometric assessments in more than 50 countries and in 30 languages. SHL serves up to 10,000 organizations globally and delivers over five million online assessments each year.

Founded in 1977, SHL has become the leading provider of psychometric solutions for organizations worldwide. SHL solutions are backed by years of scientific research, extensive trials and robust validation studies. SHL has more than 200 in-house occupational psychologists.

The leading position of SHL worldwide is evidenced in their customer list. As examples, 90% of the Forbes World's Biggest Companies in 2008 were SHL customers; as were all of the Forbes ten most productive organizations; and more than 60% of the Fortune Global 500.

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