Verimatrix Provides Revenue Security for OViVO Personalized Video Service

PMT Selects VCAS Advanced Protection to Power New Digital TV Experience

MOSCOW--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) - CSTB 2011 -- Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, today announced its role in securing the OViVO video service from Personal Media Technology (PMT). The Russian service provider has deployed the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) for its personalized digital TV service to protect over-the-top (OTT) video services and enable an untethered viewing experience for a wide range of downloaded content. Verimatrix will be demonstrating its VCAS powered security solutions in Hall 3 Booth 507 at CSTB 2011.

OViVO is a personalized digital TV platform that organizes the user's TV viewing for them without a traditional subscription. Developed and produced in Russia, the service liberates users by preparing content on their behalf, learning what they like and organizing content based on preferences, which is available on their existing TVs. The more the viewer watches, the better the system's recommendations become. This type of personalized approach allows OViVO to deliver targeted ads to a self-selected audience. The company is currently conducting beta tests on the service.

"OViVO completely changes conventional ideas of video consumption while addressing market challenges -- delivering the right content to the right user, monetizing every video, effectively combating piracy and serving accurately targeted ads," said Tatyana Prokhorova, general director of PMT. "With this new type of service, content owners need to be assured their assets are fully protected both during the delivery over an unmanaged network and once stored on a user's device. Verimatrix brought the technology, expertise and customer service we needed to complete our network infrastructure."

VCAS provides a flexible and complete digital TV security solution for IP delivered video services over multiple network types. While media delivery is based on industry standard protocols, Verimatrix's experience in IPTV revenue security has been used as a foundation for sophisticated extensions to the protection mechanisms that ensure secret key material is securely managed and selectively distributed to authorized clients.

"As operators develop business models that can effectively monetize OTT services, security has become an increasingly important element of the technology decision making process," said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer at Verimatrix. "We are very happy to be working with the OViVO team, who has combined their advanced vision with the expertise of a tightly integrated partner ecosystem to bring this unique video service to market."

The Verimatrix VCAS 3 architecture addresses the new video marketplace with a proactive revenue security approach for DVB broadcast, hybrid, and IPTV networks, including standards-based security for TV delivery on PC, phone, tablet, and set-top box devices. Whatever network transition challenges are awaiting service operators, VCAS 3 can help optimize operational costs and cast a wider net with their service offerings.

About PMT
Personal Media Technologies LLC manages "OViVO" in the Russian market -- a unique personalized video service, which completely turns over ordinary perception of watching films or television shows. OViVO is a new vision in the world of entertainment and the first large step towards next-generation television. Access to OViVO is carried out via a special subscriber access device (SAD), which is easy to connect to a TV set and the Internet and which has a user-friendly interface managed by remote control. For more information please see

About Verimatrix
Verimatrix specializes in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services around the globe. The award-winning and independently audited Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) and ViewRight® solutions offer an innovative approach for cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV operators to cost-effectively extend their networks and enable new business models. As the recognized in software-based security solutions for premier service providers, Verimatrix has pioneered the 3-Dimensional Security approach that offers flexible layers of protection techniques to address evolving business needs and revenue threats. Maintaining close relationships with major studios, broadcasters, industry organizations, and its unmatched partner ecosystem enables Verimatrix to provide a unique perspective on digital TV business issues beyond content security as operators seek to deliver compelling new services. For more information, please, our Pay TV Views blog and follow us at @verimatrixinc to join the conversation.