Why Persecution of Gays Must End

Expert Reveals Why Supreme Court Question Over Anti-Gay Pastor Must Not Eclipse Religious Question

ASHEVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - February 3, 2011) - Bill Campbell says the average American supports the bullying of gays without even realizing it.

"I've been writing and talking about homosexuality to show the Christian Right and Left how they are hurting gays," said Campbell, a Presbyterian minister who has been ministering to gays for 20 years. "Then I looked around and realized our whole country really needs to hear the same message."

Campbell, author of "Turning Controversy Into Church Ministry: A Christlike Response to Homosexuality" (www.ChurchReflections.com), said his denomination is about ready to come apart at the seams over the issue, and the rest of America isn't far behind.

"Our country is heading in the same direction," he added. "If all we do is listen to the extreme viewpoints on this topic, and if we refuse to think rationally, then issues like 'don't ask, don't tell' and gay marriage will just build frustration, bitterness, anger, and even hatred."

Campbell wants to help Christians understand homosexuality and then to come together to do ministry.

"Statistically, the majority of people in America identify themselves as Christians," he said. "And many of us don't believe the Bible supports homosexuality. But how many of us are following the command of Christ to love everyone? How many of us know how to step beyond the controversy about homosexuality and to show compassion? Even many without faith recognize the Bible tells the story of Christ, who reached out to all people, especially those society rejected."

The left adds to the problem by being just as intolerant toward the ministry, Campbell added.

"There are thousands of people who have embraced their faith and renounced their homosexuality, but they are deeper in the closet than even many homosexuals, because they are afraid of the backlash from the left," he said. "Christ preached tolerance, not prejudice. Both sides need to come together and accept each other. This conflict isn't only tearing families and congregations apart, but our whole country. We can do better than this, and we must do better than this."

About William P. Campbell

As a pastor since 1986 and a board member of a variety of congregational and interdenominational ministries, William P. Campbell has been researching, debating, and writing about the issue of homosexuality and the church for more than twenty years.

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