CyberShift Helps Local Governments Realize Benefits of Automated Workforce Management

New White Paper Cites Controlled Costs and Improved Productivity and Service Delivery

PARSIPPANY, NJ--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - CyberShift, a global provider of workforce management and expense management software and services, today announced the release of a new white paper, "Local Government Workforce Management." The white paper, subtitled "Helping Local Government to Protect and Serve: The Benefits of Workforce Management Automation," outlines how automated workforce management can help reduce costs and improve the quality of service provided to the community while recognizing the budget cut challenges facing local governments.

Municipalities must deliver a broad spectrum of services to those who work, live and learn in the area. While many municipalities have turned to pay freezes, layoffs and hiring freezes to reduce costs, these practices often force organizations to operate without the highly-skilled staff and resources required. The newly released CyberShift white paper suggests that implementing an automated workforce solution can reduce preventable costs and optimize processes, freeing budget and time for more important tasks.

"For public sector organizations, the largest controllable cost and single greatest influence on performance is the workforce," the white paper acknowledges. "Since human capital typically represents between 35 to 70 percent of organizational costs, how municipal workers are deployed and how they are managed directly affects an organization's ability to achieve its goals. For local government organizations, taking an automated approach toward managing the workforce can meet the challenges created by budgetary shortfalls while ensuring the safety of its citizens and the delivery of required services."

Workforce management touches several departments -- including payroll, accounts payable, and human resources -- and involves tracking time and attendance, extended leave management and labor scheduling. Investing in the automation of these processes can help make public sector entities more efficient and productive, giving greater insight to employee costs, skills, availability and attendance. This enables local governments to align staff with where they are needed most, maintain compliance with government regulations and ensure that employees do not work more hours than is safe or necessary. Automated workforce management can also better equip local government to react to disaster situations, prepare for anticipated events and be ready for challenging weather conditions.

Employee enablement and job satisfaction are also highlighted as benefits of automated workforce management. Automation ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time. When equipped with self-services features, staff can view time cards, check for paid time off balances and request time off from any location on any web-enabled device. Managers can craft schedules based on employees' skills and preferences, increasing satisfaction, morale and performance.

"CyberShift understands that, much like the private sector, local governments are tasked with doing more with less due to budget constraints," commented Art Krozser, vice president of Operations at CyberShift. "Automated workforce management can help reduce costs and shift the focus of public sector employees from administrative tasks to delivering the high quality of service their community members have come to expect."

"Local Government Workforce Management" can be accessed in its entirety on the CyberShift website at

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