Guidewire Group Opens Studio G in Redwood City as Collaborative Center for the Global Entrepreneurial Technology Community

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - March 24, 2011) - Guidewire Group, a global advisory firm passionate about technology entrepreneurship, announced today that it is opening Studio G, a new office in Redwood City dedicated to the startup community in Silicon Valley and around the globe. Studio G is designed to be a high-energy hub servicing entrepreneurs, their mentors and partners --working together to build the next wave of high-value and innovative technology companies.

"Studio G is the next logical step in Guidewire Group's goal to shift the odds of success to the favor of early stage startups and those who work with them," said founder Chris Shipley. "Based on the fundamental belief that smart people working together build better businesses, Studio G is designed to provide an easy way for entrepreneurs to access resources, advice or guidance so that there is nothing to hold back a talented team of entrepreneurs from reaching its potential. Studio G is a continuing indication of Guidewire Group's dedication to providing resources to entrepreneurs."

In the early days of any company, it is critical for entrepreneurs to spend their time wisely. One of the smartest things that they can do is to surround themselves with the right resources to ensure maximum efficiency. Studio G delivers resources such as strategic intelligence, programs and curriculum, and a network of mentors and advisors and a community of engaged fellow entrepreneurs working collaboratively towards a common goal -- helping startups accelerate the value of their businesses.

More than a place or a program, Studio G is where innovative technology meets business innovation. It is a practice of mentoring, resource sharing, and networking that gives startups the right help at the right time to drive predictable improvement into their business and market position. Studio G is a dynamic entrepreneurial community that helps companies achieve their growth objectives with clarity of purpose, speed and efficiency. 

A select number of startups and more established entrepreneurs will be invited to become Studio G Resident Members, working from the facility in Redwood City. Studio G will be supported by a vibrant online network where members can exchange advice and ideas, find-pre-qualified service providers through the Studio G Partner Network and access research and other shared resources in a private, confidential environment that embraces the practice of design thinking and performance-driven engagement.

The new Studio G office is located on 806 Winslow Street in Redwood City, easily accessible by car or CalTrain. Entrepreneurs interested in learning more about the space and the resources should contact Guidewire Group at or visit

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