Reform Rabbis Put Forth Options for Ethical Eating

"The Sacred Table," Book Featuring Jewish Voices on Food Trends, Launches at Gathering of Reform Rabbis, World's Largest Group of Jewish Clergy

NEW ORLEANS, LA--(Marketwire - March 30, 2011) - The world's Reform rabbis, the largest group of Jewish clergy, have put forth options and models for ethical eating and approaches to food in the 21st Century.

In publishing "The Sacred Table: Creating a Jewish Food Ethic" (CCAR Press, March 2011), the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the professional organization of nearly 2,000 Reform rabbis, offers how-to's for creating a meaningful Jewish food ethic and putting it into practice.

Themes include concern for oppressed agricultural and food workers; kindness to animals; guarding one's health, including food allergies and eating disorders; the spirituality of eating and fasting; caring for the hungry; environmental ethics; the local food ethos; perspectives on kosher (Kashrut); scarcity and sustainability; and food preparation as a Holy act.

"At a time when food and issues of eating and sustainability are on our minds and in the news, "The Sacred Table" offers up groundbreaking Jewish perspectives. It enables us to engage with Jewish values regarding food and eating, and apply those values to contemporary concerns," said Rabbi Mary L. Zamore, the editor of "Sacred Table."

"The Sacred Table," comprised of a series of essays by a range of thinkers, was introduced here at the 122nd Annual Convention of the CCAR at an evening event devoted to sustainability topics. (The overall theme of the Convention is a New Vision for Reform Judaism.)

"The book doesn't take a position on any one approach to food. Rather, it offers models and options, and underscores questions to ask about ethical eating," said Rabbi Zamore.

Rabbi Mary L. Zamore (editor of "The Sacred Table") is the associate rabbi of Temple B'nai Or in Morristown, New Jersey. She writes frequently on a range of topics, including food and food ethics. To learn more about "The Sacred Table," visit

About the Central Conference of American Rabbis 2011 Convention

The 122nd annual Central Conference American Rabbis convention is taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, through March 30. More than 500 Reform Rabbis have gathered to share plans to build and maintain communities. Highlights include sessions on interfaith dialogue, sustainability and custodianship of the Earth. Follow @ReformRabbis on Twitter to get the latest convention news.

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