Eco-Adventurer Boaz Frankel Utilizes 101 Modes of Transportation While Ditching the Gas-Powered Car to Traverse Over 12,000 Miles Across America

THE UN-ROAD TRIP Premieres on Earth Day, April 22 at 8 pm (ET/PT) on Halogen TV

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 5, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gas prices got you grounded? Troubled by traffic?

Re-think your transportation options as eco-adventurer Boaz Frankel powers up for an epic journey across the country using virtually every mode of transportation available --except for the gas-powered automobile. Join Boaz on his quest for alternative modes of sustainable transportation on THE UN-ROAD TRIP, an all-new 10-episode television series debuting on Earth Day, April 22 at 8 pm, ET/PT on Halogen TV; and at (Click here for photo gallery.)

From waterways and forest trails to bike paths and rail lines, Boaz steers clear of the highways as he uncovers 101 unique new ways to travel over 12,000 miles across the country.  Moving from destination to destination, he hops onto a variety of vehicles ranging from whimsical bicycles, a pneumatic pogo stick, a canoe, a hot air balloon, a crop duster, a motorized cooler, a horse, a camel, a dog sled, a Segway, a sailboat, a hang glider, Kangoo jumps, and numerous other modes of non-automotive transportation.  Along the way, Boaz meets inventors, entrepreneurs and government leaders who celebrate his quest to crisscross the country without ever stepping into a gas-powered car.

THE UN-ROAD TRIP, which was featured on a segment of NBC's Today Show, provides viewers with a whole new perspective to "see" America.  Upcoming World Premiere episodes include:

Episode 1: Portland – Northern California – Santa Barbara

Boaz kicks off his car-free cross-country journey in his hometown of Portland, OR, on a motorized cooler and zooms through town on a tandem bike with Mayor Sam Adams.  He explores Lodi's wine country on an agricultural helicopter, and crosses the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on a Pi Electric Bike to check out the Aptera Electric Car in Palo Alto before sailing out of Santa Barbara on a catamaran. 

Debuts April 22 at 8 pm, ET/PT and will be simulcast at

Episode 2: Los Angeles - Albuquerque

Boaz sweats through car-centric Los Angeles with an epic 15-mile walk before hopping on the Kangoo Jump craze, RowBiking down the coast and checking out the turbo blast on a pneumatic pogo stick at the beach.  He then hops the train to Albuquerque and explores the cities bike paths on Xtracycle and camel.

Debuts April 29 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 3: Chicago – Washington DC

In Chicago, Boaz stumbles into the underground world of alternative vehicles. He tries out a newly completed mechanical walking rickshaw, drives a pedal powered drum machine, operates an electric ladder contraption, and goes for a sober ride on a wine bike. He also checks out Chicago's water taxi before heading to Washington DC for a rare ride on the secret Senate Subway.

Debuts May 6 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 4: Florida

In Florida, Boaz dodges alligators in an airboat across Lake Okeechobee, hops atop a saddle for a lakeside ride on horseback, and kayaks the Caloosahatchee River. Then he sets sail up the coast of Florida - or tries to - when the big storm hits.

Debuts May 13 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 5: Tampa – Columbia/Spartanburg, SC – Charlottesville, VA

Boaz makes a daring escape from Tampa on a Harley, checks out the hydrogen powered Segway PT, and takes a spin on an electric driving mower in South Carolina.  In Charlottesville, VA, he rides a folding bike up to Monticello before tackling a leg of the trip on a unicycle.

Debuts May 20 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 6: New York – Boston – Manchester/Bedford, NH

Boaz cruises through New York City on an industrial trike, off-road buggy, pedal-powered surrey, and PowerWing Scooter; discovers the vehicles of the future at MIT in Boston, and takes to the air in New Hampshire on a 1920s barn-stormer biplane.

Debuts May 27 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 7: Concord/Claremont, NH – Burlington, VT

In New England, Boaz takes a death-defying (and occasionally hallucinogenic) 60-mile bike ride through the New Hampshire hills on a broken rusty Salvation Army bike before catching some air on a paraglider.  He discovers geometric and snow bikes in Burlington, VT and paddle surfs across Lake Champlain to catch the bike ferry.

Debuts June 3 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 8: Ontario, Canada – Minneapolis, St. Paul

Boaz takes Canada by storm on some of the craziest bikes in the world. From couch bike to pick-up truck bike to treadmill bike and hula bike, Boaz covers over 100 kilometers across Ontario. Back in the States, Boaz rides a rollercoaster through the Mall of America.

Debuts June 10 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 9: Milwaukee, WI – Sandpoint, ID

As Boaz heads back west, he exits Minneapolis on a 12-person pedal-powered pub, takes an aqua-cycle through Milwaukee, flies through Idaho on a seaplane, and traverses Seattle via piggy-back ride.

Debuts June 17 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

Episode 10: Seattle, WA

Only days before completing the trip Boaz takes a painful wipe-out on a puppy-pulled longboard in Seattle. After ignoring his fractured rib Boaz jams with a jug band on a 7-person bike, learns to skateboard, rides an aerial tram, and arrives back home in Portland in time to start brainstorming his next adventure.

Debuts June 24 at 8 pm, ET/PT.

THE UN-ROAD TRIP is produced for Halogen TV by Todd Lewis and Boaz Frankel. Marshall Nord and Becky Henderson are executive producers.

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