AdGenesis Launches API Giving Publishers a New Revenue Stream Through Attention-Guaranteed Online Video Advertising

Company Achieves 1.6 Million Videos Viewed and Verified in One Month and More Than 20 Times the Engagement Rate of Pre-Roll and Other Online Video

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 10, 2011) - AdGenesis today announced that the company has launched a new API giving Web and mobile publishers the power to deliver a new, stand-alone video advertising service to their users. The service incorporates a points, badges and rewards program and immediately creates new revenue streams for publishers.

The company also announced that it has delivered 1.6 million viewed-and-verified videos in April, a short four months after the launch of the AdGenesis platform. These views generated more than 150,000 clicks to the advertiser's Web sites. In comparison to pre-roll video advertising this many clicks would have required 30 million video impressions at a 0.5% click-through rate.

While digital video is usually sold as either auto-play or user-initiated it leaves brands asking whether or not a consumer has paid attention to the ad and been influenced to make a purchasing decision. The AdGenesis service solves this problem by only charging advertisers when 'matched' consumers prove they paid full attention to the video message. This is similar to the cost-per-click model for video viewing.

"Our platform is like online dating for consumers who are looking for brands matched to their needs and desires. It's that simple," said Richard Smullen, CEO of AdGenesis. "Our user-verified video views are north of 10% and hitting 1.6 million in only one month is further proof that our platform is resonating with consumers."

AdGenesis recently announced that PARADE had signed on as a publishing partner and was the first publisher to launch the service with all of the API's key functionality. The complete system includes branded video delivery system, user-verification tools, user email notification and promotion, data capture, points earning and tracking, redemption malls and more. The program currently has four publishing partners that have signed on and implemented the technology. During the next month, five additional partners will launch using the new AdGenesis API.

"Teaming up with AdGenesis provides our advertising partners with greater value by guaranteeing that the video advertising we offer on reaches consumers who are truly interested in their products," said PARADE Publisher Brett Wilson. "The platform allows us to deliver a branded and seamless loyalty experience for our existing base of users."

The AdGenesis AdMatch video unit offers advertisers a fully immersive brand experience by delivering hyper-qualified consumers, guaranteed views of its content by those most likely to buy, double-digit engagement rates with offers and unique data and insights -- all for a fraction of the investment normally required for such a return. The platform creates unlimited, high-quality video inventory on the Internet and on mobile devices with extremely high measurability and positive brand efficacy.

About AdGenesis LLC
AdGenesis ( owns and operates a white label video advertising platform offered through its publishing partners and is built around a global network of self-qualifying consumers. In exchange for offering up buying habits, brand preferences and purchase intentions, consumers are matched to personally relevant videos, rewards and offers from brands. Publishers receive a turnkey revenue stream that goes far beyond CPMs by delivering a fully immersive brand experience to hyper-qualified consumers with guaranteed content views, double-digit engagement rates for offers and unique data and insights -- all for a fraction of the investment normally required for such return. In 2011, AdGenesis reached 1.6 million videos viewed and verified in one month and more than 100 times the engagement rate of banner ads. Based in New York, AdGenesis was founded in 2010 by successful advertising and media entrepreneurs, Richard Smullen and Laurent Alhadeff.

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