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Research Addresses Business Video, Industrial Ethernet, Business Intelligence, Expense Management, and Tiered Virtual Applications

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - May 12, 2011) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), today announced the publication of new research reports from its Communications, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Management, and IT Infrastructure research practices.

Authored by Hyoun Park, Research Analyst, Telecom and Unified Communications, "The Enterprise Value of Video Content," based on the responses of over 120 organizations, shows how companies improve time-to-information, support revenue-producing roles, and drive business value in the enterprise based on the shifting demands of employees and customers. By demonstrating the mobile, social, and local trends associated with business video, this report clarifies how Best-in-Class companies (representing the top 20% of respondents) design video deployments to achieve an average of $3.2 million in business value aligned with their video usage, while the bottom 30% of respondents averaged only $7,000 in video-based business value. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7000&camp=2.

"Industrial Networking: Building the Business Case for Industrial Ethernet," prepared by Nuris Ismail, Senior Research Associate for Aberdeen's Manufacturing research practice, surveyed over 150 executives about the current state of their manufacturing operations and industrial networks. The report uncovers how the most successful manufacturers are deploying industrial Ethernet across plants to improve network performance, operational performance, and corporate performance. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7001&camp=2.

"Business Intelligence Command and Control Center for the Chief Supply Chain Officer," prepared by Nari Viswanathan, VP and Principal Analyst, Aberdeen Group Supply Chain Management practice, demonstrates that the need for business intelligence is greater than ever before. The focus of this benchmark report is to identify the top strategic actions that Best-in-Class companies are taking and how they have reached the process maturity required to sustain business value through business intelligence. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7059&camp=2.

The "Expense Management for a New Decade" research study by Chris Dwyer, Research Analyst for Aberdeen group's Global Supply Management practice, details the fresh approaches, strategies and solutions currently being utilized by companies to effectively support modern expense management. With 41% of organizations perceiving expense management as a function that is just as critical as other internal departments, and another 39% seeing the function rise in prominence over the last year, the stage is set for companies to leverage new solutions to better manage their expenses. Aberdeen's "Mobile Technology: Filling the Gap in Modern Expense Management" study shows that through the advent of mobile travel and expense management applications, business travelers (both employees and executives) can have consistent and real-time access to the processes within the typical expense management program. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7169&camp=2.

"Reduce the Cost of Downtime Protection: Tier your Virtualized Applications," prepared by Dick Csaplar, Senior Research Analyst, IT Infrastructure/Storage and Virtualization research practice, examines how some organizations provide no additional High Availability (HA) protection for some applications, while using cluster or high availability software, high availability and fault tolerant servers, and other HA technologies for other applications. The report also considers the strengths, weaknesses and differing price points of various HA technologies used by survey respondents. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report visit:

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