The Liberator Fuel Saver Is Putting Cars Back on the Road This Summer

New Aftermarket Auto Part Increases Fuel Mileage and Reduces Emissions

KNOXVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - Jun 1, 2011) - With the cost of fuel soaring, Liberator Fuel Saver knows that consumers want to experience the highest fuel economy possible, especially when planning their summer trips. Installation of the Liberator Fuel Saver in your car is a great way to increase your vehicle's fuel economy, enabling you to save money and to save the environment.

The Liberator Fuel Saver is an aftermarket auto part that uses a patented airflow mixing technology to improve the combustion process in your vehicle's engine. A non-moving cylindrical device, the Liberator Fuel Saver fits into vehicle intake manifolds, inducing controlled turbulence into the intake air through a unique combination of tumbling and swirl, a process they call Swumble. This Swumble process pushes air through the engine at a higher velocity, much like a vacuum, creating greater engine combustion, better fuel economy, lower emissions, and higher low-end torque. Their technology is revolutionary, and unlike any other product on the market.

The result of this Swumble process is a stronger concentration of air and fuel being directed into the pistons, creating a finer and cleaner burn of the mixture. The fine burn results in more low-end torque. The clean burn results in less unburnt fuel which means less waste and lower emissions. More torque and less unburnt fuel means your car needs to do less work and use less fuel to go the same distance.

"I may burn a lot of fuel on the track, but I like to save fuel off the track. That's why I am proud to endorse the Liberator Fuel Saver," says NASCAR Driver and Spokesperson for Liberator Fuel Saver Kenny Wallace. "It increases fuel mileage and reduces emissions. Hey, everybody wants to save money and the environment. The Liberator Fuel Saver is a revolutionary product that will help you do both."

Typically, users have reported a 1-2 mpg gain in city driving, and experienced 2-4 mpg gain in highway driving. The Liberator Fuel Saver will last the lifetime of the car. It is made of solid brass and has no moving parts. It will not deteriorate over time, nor will it ever need to be cleaned.

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