Veterans Funeral Care Announces: Retire Flags the Dignified Way While Honoring a Veteran on Flag Day June 14, 2011

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 13, 2011) - Veterans Funeral Care is accepting flags that are no longer worthy of display at any of their locations across the U.S. on Flag Day Tuesday, June 14, 2011. These flags will honor a fallen veteran by being draped across their casket at the time of cremation. There is no charge for this service. For more information visit, find a location at or call toll free at 800-467-7850.

Jim Rudolph, founder of Veterans Funeral Care, explained that this is a fitting tribute to all veterans and a patriotic way to retire "aged" flags. "We want to invite everyone to donate any of their 'aged' flags and deliver them to any of our locations for a proper retirement."

According to the National Flag Day Foundation's website, "On June 14th, 1885, Bernard J. Cigrand, a 19 year old teacher at Stony Hill School, placed a 10 inch, 38- star flag in a bottle on his desk then assigned essays on the flag and its significance. This observance commemorated Congress' adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777. This observance was also the beginning of Cigrand's long years of fervent and devoted effort to bring about national recognition and observance of Flag Day. The crowning achievement of his life came at age 50 when President Wilson, on May 30, 1916, issued a proclamation calling for a nationwide observance of Flag Day. Then in 1949, President Truman signed an Act of Congress, designating the 14th day of June every year as National Flag Day ("

Veterans Funeral Care, endorsed by The American Legion, Department of Indiana, is the first full-service funeral home in America built to serve the veteran and military community. The staff is trained and licensed to assist with every detail of making cremation and funeral arrangements. Veterans Funeral Care applies for all Veterans' benefits available, social security benefits, applies for life insurance and arranges military honors. The organization promotes the use of Veterans Cemeteries. All honorably discharged veterans, spouses and dependent children are entitled to free grave space, cemetery marker and burial vaults at any National Cemetery. This benefit saves families up to six thousand dollars.

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