PBMI Introducing Nationwide, Interactive Specialty Pharmacy and Vendor Directory

PLANO, TX--(Marketwire - Aug 24, 2011) - The Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) will launch the first nationwide, interactive Specialty Pharmacy and Vendor Directory this Fall. This interactive directory will help plan sponsors to easily identify specialty pharmacies and specialty vendors that meet their selection criteria for location and product offerings. Brenda Motheral, PhD, Executive Director of PBMI, said, "We want to provide a central location where plan sponsors can review and quickly find a specialty pharmacy or vendor that provides the prescription services they need in their location of choice."

PBMI currently offers the only online directory of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), which receive more than 10,000 website views each month. "It is a logical extension for us to offer our Specialty Pharmacy and Vendor directory as a way to bring purchasers and pharmacies closer together," said Motheral.

To learn more about how to join PBMI's Specialty Pharmacy and Vendor Directory, contact Linda DeChant at 480-730-0814 or email ldechant@pbmi.com.

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