Year-End Tax Planning Easy and Free for Everyone -- Including You -- With TaxACT(R)

2nd Story Software's TaxACT 2011 Gives All Taxpayers an Advantage in Year-End Tax Savings

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2011) - TaxACT 2011 Free Federal and Deluxe Editions are now available. TaxACT is the only year-round Web-based federal tax planning and preparation solution, releasing preview versions in October and final versions in early January.

"Preview versions of TaxACT give taxpayers an edge in year-end tax planning and savings," said Lance Dunn, President of 2nd Story Software®. "TaxACT calculates 2011 taxes and alerts users of potential savings that require action by December 31."

Tax legislation passed at the end of 2010 makes year-end planning more important this year. "The legislation impacts 2011 returns, but when the laws were passed, taxpayers were naturally focused on changes affecting 2010 returns they were about to file," said Dunn. "TaxACT's federal interview shows users where they can still save money on their 2011 return."

Use of TaxACT 2011 Free Federal Edition and Deluxe preview versions is free. Everyone can prepare, print and e-file their federal taxes free with Free Federal Edition. Deluxe desktop users don't have to pay until final versions are released in early January, and Online Deluxe users don't have to pay until they print or e-file their return.

TaxACT makes tax calculations, year-end planning and early preparation of 2011 returns fast and easy:

  • Eliminate errors and save time by importing key data from last year's return with Express Import™ options.
  • TaxACT Life Events guide you through the tax implications of more than 35 events, including natural disasters, filing for the first time, college and unemployment. Deluxe Life Event Tips provide key tax information and reminders throughout the interview.
  • Tax and technical answers are available every step of the way in the enhanced Answer Center. Access the expanded Tax Glossary through nearly 300 linked terms throughout the interview.
  • Enhanced Bookmarks make tax planning and early preparation of returns even easier. Add a personalized Bookmark to any interview question and return to it whenever you want with a single click.
  • More money- and time-saving tools are included in Deluxe. In addition to importing last year's TaxACT return, Donation Assistant helps maximize tax savings for non-cash donations with audit-backed values for more than 1,300 household items. Tax Calculator shows how changes to various parts of your tax return can affect 2011, 2012 and 2013 federal taxes without actually changing data in the return.

Everyone who registers or purchases TaxACT Deluxe or Ultimate Bundle (Deluxe + State) before January 1, 2012 receives free tax and technical phone support for the 2011 tax year upon product payment. Online users also lock in a 20% discount by registering early.

All information entered or imported into preview versions will automatically transfer to final versions releasing in early January. Final versions will include any last-minute tax law changes, final IRS forms, and several new and enhanced features. The IRS will begin processing e-filed returns in mid-January.

State editions will also begin releasing in early January as forms become available. In the meantime, 2nd Story Software will soon announce a mobile application with useful tax tools and information for TaxACT users.

TaxACT products

  • TaxACT Free Federal Edition (free Online or download) - FREE to Prepare, FREE to Print, FREE to E-file® -- for Everyone -- including you. Includes all e-fileable forms for simple and complex returns, a free e-file, enhanced Answer Center for tax and technical questions, Maximum Refund Pledge, PDF Import of data from last year's return prepared by other software providers, Accuracy Guarantee, enhanced Bookmarks, one Life Event, Stock Assistant, Audit Assistant, a document with all tax data for the FAFSA and more.
  • TaxACT Deluxe ($9.95 Online or $12.95 download) - Recommended for returning TaxACT users and those seeking extra tax tools and help. Includes everything in Free Federal Edition, as well as import of last year's TaxACT return, Donation Assistant with audit-backed values for more than 1,300 commonly donated items, TaxACT TaxTutor® with expert guidance from J.K. Lasser, Stock Import, unlimited Life Events and tips, PDF forms preview, Tax Calculator for performing what-if tax scenarios and more. TaxACT Online payment not required until user prints, e-files or previews forms. Price includes one free e-file.
  • TaxACT State ($14.95 Online and download) - Data from TaxACT Free Edition or Deluxe seamlessly transfers to state forms so state return is finished in minutes. Online includes one free e-file, and download users can e-file returns for just $7.95 each. State Editions are released as forms become available, starting in January. Online payment not required until user prints, e-files or previews forms.
  • TaxACT Ultimate Bundle - Deluxe + State ($17.95 Online or $21.95 download) - Best value for federal and state returns. Online users receive one free federal and state e-file. Online payment not required until user prints, e-files or previews forms. Download users receive one free federal e-file and can e-file state and up to four more federal returns for just $7.95 each.
  • Business Editions - In addition to 1040 solutions, TaxACT offers federal and state software for 1065, 1120S and 1120 returns. With the addition of AZ, IA and MO, we now offer 1065 and 1120S editions for 19 states and 1120 editions for 18 states. TaxACT will also support e-filing of most business returns for CA, FL, GA, IL, KS, MD, NY (including New York City) and WI for the 2011 tax year.

About 2nd Story Software and TaxACT

2nd Story Software, the makers of TaxACT, is a privately held company founded in 1998 and critically acclaimed as a leader in developing affordable tax preparation software and Web-based services directly for consumers. TaxACT is the 2nd most visited online destination for tax preparation services1. Since 2000, TaxACT Online has assisted with more than 20 million e-filed federal returns.

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1 According to collective week end reports for and released by Hitwise™ during the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 tax seasons.

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