WikiOrgCharts Launches Smart Job Search With Data From Indeed, LinkedIn and Facebook

Combining Comprehensive Job Listings on the Web With Social Networks and Org Charts Gives Job Seekers an Intuitive Tool for Finding Best Career Matches

NORWALK, CT--(Marketwire - Oct 13, 2011) - WikiOrgCharts ( today announced a new job search feature that allows its users to search for a job and to view an org chart of the company where the job is available. Users can also see who in their LinkedIn and Facebook social networks already work for the company where they want the job.

"Getting your application into the hands of the hiring manager can be very important when it comes to successfully getting that new job," said Farhan Memon, CEO and Founder of WikiOrgCharts. "Very often it's impossible to find out who that person is. Now we're bringing together in one place all the resources someone might need to target their application to the right person rather than sending their resume to the HR Department which can be a real black hole."

WikiOrgCharts is the first platform on the web that allows users to pool their business contacts and to collaboratively map the relationships that exist within a company into an easy-to-access organizational chart. The HTML5 site allows org charts to be constructed, modified, searched and openly shared between Internet users, along with real-time social information from Twitter and other sources. Users that log into WikiOrgCharts using their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts bring their friends' and colleagues' information with them.

Job hunting is a time consuming task that requires seekers to scour multiple sites for opportunities. Once they find a position that interests them job hunters often try to find a friend in their professional network who knows someone inside the company. By combining WikiOrgCharts' crowdsourced org charts with comprehensive job listing data from and a user's social graph, job seekers are now empowered to avoid the generic HR pile. With WikiOrgCharts' smart search, a job seeker would know who to contact about a position, who held that position and who the position reports to. This gives job seekers an advantage over those who do not use the system by being able to directly connect with relevant company contacts.

WikiOrgCharts currently has over nine million profiles in its database, including many critical decision makers in business and the federal government. Users can chart their friends and colleagues into existing maps, or create new maps of start-ups or unregistered companies.

General membership on WikiOrgCharts is free. Each time a user maps a colleague or friend to org charts, they earn points that can be redeemed when browsing other profiles. If users simply want to browse org charts without contributing to them, a premium subscription plan is available for purchase.

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