dinCloud Assembles Cloud Coalition

dinStack Integrates Technology Visionaries to Create the Industry's Most Comprehensive Hosted Virtual Desktop Solution

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 17, 2011) - dinCloud, a leading cloud services provider of hosted virtual desktops, today introduced the dinStack, represented by a coalition of leading technology companies focused on realizing the true potential of desktop virtualization. The 24 components involved in the dinStack create the core foundation of dinCloud's dinHVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop) technology stack.

"The talent found within dinStack is remarkable. With these partners, we will lead the evolution to the cloud like no one else," said Dr. Shahzad Munawwar, COO of dinCloud. "Our customers have a big challenge in rolling out a virtual desktop. Contacting over 20 vendors, going through those contracts, and negotiating pricing in a subscription model is no easy feat. Once that is done, customers would need to get all vendors to interact with one another at deep technical levels to make sure the solution works in their environment. The dinStack takes all the challenges and obstacles out of the hands of customers and gives them an easy to consume subscription model that they can easily turn on and off."

dinCloud's cloud computing experts analyzed and tested more than 100 technologies within various working conditions to identify the leading component in each category. The company overcame 64 obstacles in order to create the most efficient, secure, cost effective cloud architecture for hosted virtual desktops. The resulting coalition includes industry leaders such as Quest Software, Trend Micro, Vyatta and Xsigo.

"This is what we affectionately call the dinStack. This is a coalition of technology partners that bring thought leadership to the next generation of desktops," added Mike Chase, Chief Technology Officer for dinCloud.

The dinStack has a joint go-to-market strategy along with a union of technology support. As such, dinCloud's dinHVD clients tap into a single-source, high performance cloud hosted virtual desktop featuring the best in security, scalability and service.

About dinCloud
dinCloud is a cloud services provider that offers a full spectrum of cloud based services ranging from hosted virtual desktops to datacenter and infrastructure as a service. The core offering, dinHVD, is a hosted virtual desktop that provides a complete turnkey suite of services for complete PC fleet management. dinCloud provides services tailored to fit a range of business models, giving its clients peace of mind. Organizations can transfer capital expenditure and headaches into operational expenses that are fully managed. dinCloud is headquartered in Los Angeles. Visit http://www.dinCloud.com.

About dinStack
dinStack is a coalition of technology companies representing a technology stack of over 20 components for dinHVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop provided by dinCloud). dinStack is the first group of companies that has formed a coalition committed to delivering on the promise of desktop virtualization. dinStack has a joint go-to-market strategy along with a union of technology support. As a unified group, dinStack overcomes technology challenges faster than a disparate group because of the commitment to work together and the expertise brought together from many different layers within the next generation datacenter. In addition to being able to rapidly support customer issues, dinStack also accelerates and integrates new customer requirements and fulfills roadmap designs faster. When it comes to desktop virtualization, delivered on-premise or in the cloud, dinStack has a comprehensive and cohesive team of technology partners. These partners are in constant communication to share ideas and challenges as thought leaders in the space.

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