Homeless Navy Vet finds and returns lost wallet. One year later he designs his own wallet with the manufacturer.

Last December Brian Christopher found a wallet full of cash and fighting the temptations to keep the money despite being a homeless Navy Vet, he turned the wallet into Police who found the original owner. Brian's simple act was amply rewarded with donations, letters and media attention. One year later the company who made the wallet that Brian found has produced a wallet with Brian Christopher's own artwork and half of the proceeds will go to Brian, an additional portion will go to a Veteran's association of Brian's choosing.

Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 8, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Last year Dynomighty Design, makers of the Mighty Wallet, learned of the inspiring story of Brian Christopher, who was at the time a homeless Navy Vet, who had found a Mighty Wallet full of cash without ID in the streets of Boston.

Faced with a moral dilemma of wanting to buy gifts for his own kids he nobly decided to turn the Mighty Wallet in to a local Police station. Thanks to a receipt inside the wallet the Police found the original owner, a bike messenger, who was reunited with her Mighty Wallet and $172 in cash.

Brian's gesture was rewarded with an outpouring of generosity from all around the country in the form of letters, media attention and donations to Brian and The New England Center for Homeless Veteran's.  

The story embodied the spirit of Christmas but was also an example of the valor that our service men and women uphold even under the toughest of circumstances and called attention to the challenges that many of our Vets face after service.

At the time Dynomighty wanted to do something to honor Brian's simple act and then we discovered that Brian was also an Artist. We had the idea to create a unique opportunity to further Brian's artistic ambitions and at the same time give him a means of financial stability by inviting him to create his very own Mighty Wallet which Dynomighty could then sell and distribute throughout the world. We reached out to Brian at the height of his media attention and put a plan together to realize this opportunity in the following year.

This past Summer Dynomighty invited Brian to NYC for an artistic collaboration to make a Mighty Wallet with his art. The result was one of the best Mighty Wallet designs we've produced to date. We have great hope for the financial success of Brian's Mighty Wallet as it is currently being considered for inclusion in a major specialty store retailer for 2012.

Half of the proceeds of the sales go to Brian and an additional portion goes to a Vets Shelter of Brian's choosing.  

Mighty Wallet is about personal expression and creative empowerment and we are honored to create a platform for Brian's artwork to give him recognition for his honorable action, both in his service to our country and his selfless act that moved so many people to donate to Veterans Shelters last year.

Brian's simple act of calling upon his better angels when faced with a challenge is emblematic of what we believe it means to "Be Mighty!".


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