EPIC Aviation Rebranding and UVair Strategic Alliance

SALEM, OR--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2012) - EPIC Aviation ™ is pleased to announce the transition of all US and Canadian FBOs who have been previously branded Air BP (as of February 15) to the EPIC Aviation™ fuel brand. The full brand transition process will be completed by mid-summer when all FBO signage is converted.

"We appreciate how supportive our customers have been about the transition," said Steve McCullough, SVP Business Development and Strategy, EPIC Aviation™. "Since they were working with EPIC Aviation™ all along, it really just comes down to a logo change. EPIC™ operated under the name Air BP Aviation Services, but the people, services, supply and training were always EPIC™ offerings. Those things haven't changed and it's those elements that set us apart as a premier fuel supplier."

With the launch of the EPIC Aviation™ fuel brand, EPIC™ has announced a strategic alliance with the UVair® Fuel Program. The alliance will leverage the unique and complimentary competencies between EPIC™ and the UVair® Fuel Program to create innovative programs and services throughout the business aviation industry.

The alliance brings tremendous value to the entire EPIC Aviation™ FBO Network, as well as the customers that turn to the EPIC™ branded locations for fueling and other services. However, the most notable element of the alliance is the introduction of the UVair® FBO Network- a premier group of FBO locations.

EPIC™ and UVair® are currently reaching out to select EPIC™ FBOs, which meet strict criteria in terms of location, facilities and service, to be included in the UVair® FBO Network. Those criteria include being located at a major gateway airport in the United States or Canada, offering first class facilities and having a track record of exemplary safety within their operation. Official launch of the UVair® FBO Network is slated for early summer 2012.

"We've formed a strategic alliance with a trusted premier global brand with which we share similar values and competencies. This alliance will allow us to bring value to our customers and members of our network," said McCullough. "With EPIC's strengths in FBO support and UVair's excellence in serving the end user, we can take the expectations of service to a whole new level."

Leadership and field teams from both organizations have been working together to harness the strengths of each organization and are excited to bring the concepts to the market. In addition to the company representatives, the EPIC Aviation™ FBO Dealer Advisory Council has played a key role in determining program offerings that bring tangible value to FBOs and business aviation customers.

"This alliance will allow us to meet the evolving needs of both member FBOs and their customers," said Greg Cox, SVP UVair®. "We look forward to helping our member FBOs deliver outstanding quality to their customers. The UVair® Fuel Program will continue to operate as it does today, providing value to suppliers and end users globally."

About EPIC Aviation, LLC
EPIC Aviation™, LLC is an aviation fuel supplier with primary operations throughout the US and Canada including the EPIC Aviation FBO Network. EPIC's supply network utilizes major refineries, pipelines, railcars and terminals to serve over 4,000 diverse customers including Airlines, Cargo Operators, Business Aviation Flight Departments, Fixed Base Operators and Resellers. EPIC specializes in innovative customer solutions and industry leading fuel quality assurance programs. EPIC Aviation is owned by Downstream Aviation, LP, which is based in Dallas, Texas. Downstream Aviation has a primary focus in acquiring and operating companies in the aviation fuel segment of the petroleum industry. Downstream currently operates in the US, Canada and Asia Pacific.

About the UVair Fuel Program
The UVair® Fuel Program, fueling services from Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., offers a total Jet-A contract fuel solution, regardless of aircraft size. The UVair Fueling Card, which is accepted at more than 4,000 locations worldwide and carried by more than 19,500 cardholders, offers competitive, pre-negotiated discount fuel pricing with no annual fees and guaranteed payment to suppliers and FBOs. Cardholders also have access to a 24/7 team of dedicated aviation fuel specialists working on their behalf, value added tax (VAT) exemption support, and real-time online access to discounted fuel pricing.

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