DiningIn Goes Green With Biodegradable Cutlery


BOSTON, March 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DiningIn, Inc., the nation's leading Restaurant Delivery Service, has replaced all cutlery and paper products with biodegradable products from Transitions2Earth.

"Since 95% of all plastic cutlery is thrown away and does not decompose in a person's lifetime, we want to give customers the option to use biodegradable products for their dining needs," said Michael Hackel, CEO of DiningIn.

Starting March 12, DiningIn will offer EcoPure cutlery and serving ware. These products are plastic that have been treated to be biodegradable in landfills and can decompose from between 2 months and 20 years.

In addition, DiningIn will replace its Styrofoam plates with biodegradable, compostable Bagasse plates.  Bagasse material is made from spent sugarcane, making it a compostable,  earth-friendly option that will biodegrade in commercial composting or in a landfill.

Visit www.diningin.com to learn more.

About DiningIn

For 24 years, DiningIn has been giving back time to busy people in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Philadelphia. Through its innovative online ordering system and delivery service, DiningIn brings everyone's favorite restaurants right to their door. Their Business Advantage program provides daily meal plan services, group ordering technology, and office or event catering to over 4,000 corporate clients nationwide.  With over 1,000 restaurants in its network, DiningIn is the largest Restaurant Delivery Service in the country. 

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