SDI Media Sets New Dubbing Standard with Release of InSync Version 2.0

Los Angeles, CA., March 20, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SDI Media announced today the release of InSync Version 2.0, SDI's online casting software for managing client approvals of voice talent. The new release raises the bar for dubbing systems and will make a significant impact on dubbing workflows across the industry.

SDI developed the InSync software to provide dubbing clients a simplified solution for the casting approval process, an often tedious step in most dubbing projects.  Industry wide, the current casting process has many shortcomings: there is no universal method of approving casting sessions in a single location; no management tool to track approvals; and no application to synchronize sessions to media - InSync provides the solution to all these issues.

InSync Version 2.0 enhances the previous version’s ability to record, organize, and implement historical data for use during the casting process.  New additions include cloud deployment for global but secure access, advanced configurability, in-depth data collection, greater security features, and a Silverlight streaming media player. Additionally, features requested by clients such as an automatic alert system, configurable approval process, and an integration of local voice banks have also been integrated into the Version 2.0 upgrade.

As a web-based platform, InSync allows users to save casting sessions in one place, enables casting approvals amongst single and multiple users, and simplifies the approval process, eliminating needless email trails. The software can be accessed from any location, in real time, and shared with additional users through a secure-IP login.

 "InSync has provided our clients an entirely new solution to the casting process," said Scott Rose, Global CTO, Research & Development, "Using InSync not only provides a simpler, more functional solution for casting- it provides long-term advantages for data management and accessibility for future projects."

SDI is committed to continue redefining industry standards, the development of new technologies such as InSync is only one example of the benefits of working with a global leader provider. With many of the additional development initiatives currently underway, SDI will deliver the most advanced and cost efficient solution for all dubbing needs.  


About SDI Media Group:
Headquartered in Los Angeles, SDI Media is the world’s leading provider of dubbing, subtitling, and other media localization services. It has operations in 32 countries spanning Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Worldwide, SDI provides localization services in over 60 languages and dialects, and owns and operates over 100 recording rooms and over 30 mixing rooms. SDI provides language dubbing and subtitling services as well as digital services for feature films, live action, animated television series, interactive games, new media and corporate needs. SDI’s strength is its ability to offer end-to-end, owned-and-operated service offerings to its clients, including scripting, casting, directing, recording/mixing, and other post production services

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