GAIN Fitness Launches the Ultimate Digital Personal Trainer

GAIN 3.0 Leads the Evolution of Fitness Apps Beyond Basic Tracking and Canned Workouts to Personalized Plans and Expert Workout Guidance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 22, 2012) - GAIN Fitness today introduced GAIN 3.0, a major evolution of its digital personal trainer app for iPhone. GAIN 3.0 expands on the app's unique ability to personalize workouts by adding "GAIN Plan" -- a custom, 4-week workout plan; as well as the "Expansion Packs Store" -- a platform for multiple training styles and specialized equipment upgrades.

GAIN Fitness is free in the Apple iTunes App Store, and Expansion Packs are available as in-app purchases for $1-5 apiece.

While other fitness apps simply track workout details or offer "canned" routines, GAIN truly acts like a "digital personal trainer" by creating workouts customized in real time to each user's experience level, schedule, goals and equipment available. GAIN Plan extends this concept from single workouts to entire training plans. The new app also integrates audio coaching, high-definition exercise images and trainer cues into the guided workout experience.

"There's a clear market shift taking place as fitness companies move from a dated 'tracking' approach to a more helpful 'workout guidance' system," says Founder & CEO Nick Gammell. "GAIN has always been a quant-based company at heart, and is better positioned to lead this market than any other platform. GAIN is miles ahead of the competition due to its data-driven infrastructure, customization algorithms and open platform approach."

The new "Expansion Packs Store" lays the groundwork for a broader fitness-coaching platform by integrating multiple styles of exercise and matching them to users' goals and ability levels.

The fitness industry for years has debated over which type of exercise is the "best" overall approach. Bodybuilders argue with boot camp aficionados, who argue with sports performance coaches. Triathletes, CrossFitters, kettlebell enthusiasts and yogis all fight over why they have the "better" system for getting fit. GAIN takes an unbiased, 3rd party approach by looking at the science of exercise and pairing users' specific goals with training styles best suited to each individual.

With Expansion Packs, users get access to new bundles of exercises, instructional media, and training techniques to build the workout that's right for them. GAIN's initial set of Expansion Packs target specific muscle groups with advanced bodypart training, or add the ability to work out using specialized equipment, such as kettlebells.

In the future, Expansion Packs will bring yoga workouts, sport performance training, postural/rehabilitative programs and many other popular training styles. New Expansion Packs will be added frequently on an ongoing basis.

Built on cutting-edge "cloud in your pocket" architecture, GAIN is one of the first apps of any kind to use technology that combines the best of "cloud" computing with the reality that mobile apps must function offline. The database gives users the advantages of website access (at and a powerful server cluster backend for analytics, while also carrying a copy of the "cloud" in their pocket for offline access. The app functions in the deepest basement gym and syncs seamlessly to the cloud server whenever an internet connection becomes available.

Despite all this complexity, GAIN's team, anchored by Co-founder Robert Bailey, designer of Google-acquired Picasa, has managed to create a drop-dead simple, best-in-class UI and user experience.

"One thing that's been clear since we first launched is that there's a demand for highly efficient, personalized workouts that get maximum results in minimum time," Gammell said. "Opening up the platform to Expansion Packs will be a key differentiator relative to competitors, and a key enabler of our business model. We're opening our platform up to the fitness world, inviting all types of workout styles and activity types: Yoga, Weight lifting, CrossFit, MMA, boot camp, and functional training."

Get your own digital personal trainer by downloading the app today.

About GAIN Fitness
GAIN Fitness launched in 2011, joining fast growth fitness technologies like Nike+, P90X app, FitBit and Runkeeper. GAIN is poised to disrupt the $120B fitness industry, which historically has suffered from sensationalized marketing and internal debates about which style of training is the "best."

GAIN Fitness's web and mobile apps personalize workout plans to fit individuals' unique goals and lifestyles. Their team of ex-Googlers and fitness experts have created patented algorithms that build dynamic workout guidance and match various styles of training with the needs of individuals.

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