Cocoon and Cocoon+ Now Approved as a Download on Mozilla's Firefox

Free and Subscription Software Gives Online Users Control of their Private Data

Santa Barbara, CA, March 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cocoon, a free Internet privacy and security software developed by Virtual World Computing, protects online users from tracking cookies by Google, Facebook, and other online companies.

"Firefox users can now download Cocoon from the official Firefox add-on repository (  While over a quarter of a million people have found Cocoon on their own, we are delighted to now have the exposure of being part of the Firefox download nation," said Vernon Irvin, CEO and President at Virtual World Computing.

Firefox users can easily download the free plug-in, which instantly provides users with greater privacy protection and security when surfing the Web. Cocoon works by securely connecting over any network to Cocoon’s servers, providing enterprise-grade virus protection and encrypting all interactions to prevent cookies and other tracking.

While the free version of Cocoon is paid for by non-targeted, non-tracking advertising, on Monday, 3/26/12, VWC will be launching Cocoon+ offering users an ad-free and interruption-free way to browse the web privately and securely.

The Cocoon software prevents computers from directly touching the Internet. Online privacy is protected because websites and advertisers only see Cocoon servers, hiding unique IP address and preventing online activity from being tracked by cookies. Unlike traditional anti-virus software, Cocoon prevents malicious software and virus downloads by instantly scanning files for viruses before they reach the computer. Additionally, Cocoon offers disposable email addresses, protecting personal email boxes from spam and phishing attacks.

For more information, or to download Cocoon or Cocoon+ for Internet Explorer or Firefox, please visit

About Cocoon:

Cocoon’s Digital Protection Cloud™ secures online privacy, keeping consumers safe from predators with a unique combination of data encryption and filtering technologies accessible from any device.

Cocoon’s Triple Play Digital Protection™ keeps Internet users safe from viruses, theft and tracking by filtering all Internet browsing through a private, secure online cloud.

Virtual World Computing (VWC), creator of Cocoon, was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to creating a safe and private Internet experience.


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