E-merging Technologies Group Partners with UK Consulting Security Firm, Global Intelligence Group (GIGS Ltd.)

Cleveland, OH, April 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- E-merging Technologies Group (ETG) has partnered with the UK based consulting security firm, Global Intelligence Group.  This partnership will focus on closing the gap on servicing global customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia as well as North and South America respectively. E-merging Technologies Group will specifically manage the Canada and America's based operations.  ETG will be providing support to a prestige group of clients including one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, a Swiss based technology business and major organizations from within the entertainment and media industry.

Immediate client services will include information security, audit and compliance, risk management and intellectual property infringement investigations. The services, which have been developed and performed effectively over a ten-year period, are designed to enhance the protection of assets and technology products within a diverse range of supply chains. In addition to the current client base the partnership will also focus on delivering best practices to new markets and emerging technologies with a strategic focus on digital security.

"A select group of clients have entrusted both partner organizations to deliver confidential security solutions over an extended period of time. This agreement will play an important role in expanding our Cyber Intelligence and Security Services Business Units" said E-merging Technologies Group's CEO, Jeremy Samide. 

Global Intelligence Group's managing director Chris Johnson believes "partnerships such as this are of significant importance to the modern global supply chain and the organizations that support them. Flexible delivery of expertise at a local level with a global reach is the most effective method of supporting the client."

Johnson states "The past few years have tested the most resilient of businesses. Faced with an ever-changing market, uncertain economic conditions and rapid advancements in technology, businesses are required to manage change at an unprecedented rate. By combining resources and experience the partnership will ensure that our clients are not only protected from the calculable risks, but are also prepared to respond to the unforeseen. By offering a proactive, attentive, and confidential service we seek to provide results that are effective, measured and valued."

According to ETG's Chairman and former Director of the United States Secret Service, Lew Merletti, "This is a natural fit for E-merging Technologies Group and our continued growth model will support the exceptional services we provide our clients."

About E-merging Technologies Group, Inc.

E-merging Technologies Group is a professional services firm specializing in intelligence, counterintelligence, security services, information security, and security operations support for the U.S. Government, allied foreign governments and the private sector markets.  E-merging Technologies Group is dedicated to providing highly skilled resources to its diverse customer base.  We deliver proven solutions and methodologies based on current and emerging threats in today's business environments.  See www.e-mergingtechnologies.com for more information.

About Global Intelligence Group

Global Intelligence Group is specialist-consulting firm with a proven track record in servicing a diverse range of corporate clients and supply chains. Its services are focused on two core pathways. Preventative solutions deliver; audit and compliance, due diligence, business continuity, information security, risk management and management of outsourced security solutions. Response services include; incident response, computer and communication device forensics, corporate investigation, law enforcement liaison and legal support.  See www.gigslimited.com for more information. 


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