Dane-Elec Announces USB 3.0 Sport Flash Drive Line

Entry-Level Line to Help Customers Transition to USB 3.0 Interface

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - May 7, 2012) - Dane-Elec, a global leader in consumer electronics, is now offering the first products in its USB 3.0 flash drive line-up, the Pro Sport Line. The compact-sized drives of the Sport line deliver SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology in a portable and convenient design.

"For many consumers, transitioning from USB 2.0 to 3.0 is exciting yet confusing," commented Sherry Chapman, director of marketing at Dane-Elec. "Our Sport flash drives offer true 3.0 technology in a compact form factor, designed to help consumers easily switch to USB 3.0. With a sleek design and fun colors, the Sport line gives users the increased speed of USB 3.0 for all their file storage and transfer needs."

Why Upgrade to SuperSpeed USB 3.0?
High capacity USB 3.0 flash drives offer both increased storage space and faster file transfer times. USB 3.0 will back up or transfer larger files from devices such as high megapixel cameras and high definition (HD) video cameras in less time than ever before. Additionally, new computers and Windows 7 take advantage of USB 3.0 technology.

How is USB 3.0 different from 2.0?
USB 3.0 delivers dramatically improved data transfer rates and performance, up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. It also provides improved power efficiency since it has lower active and idle power requirements. Lastly, USB 3.0 is bidirectional, meaning it has two data paths for sending and receiving data at the same time.

What about my old USB 2.0 computer?
USB 3.0 flash drives are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports, so can be used with your existing computer. When used on a USB 2.0 device, USB 3.0 drives also reduce data transfer times.

Dane-Elec's USB 3.0 Sport flash drives are perfect for consumers. They feature a small and convenient capless design with swivel mechanism and an aluminum outer shell. The Sport line is available in three capacities each with a different color: 8 gigabyte (GB) in red, 16GB in blue and 32GB in black. The Sport line has read speeds of up to 80 megabytes (MB) per second, and write speeds of up to 10MB/s (8GB), 20MB/s (16GB) and 30MB/s (32GB).

Dane-Elec's USB 3.0 Sport flash drives will be available at Amazon.com this month. Each drive features a five-year warranty.

About Dane-Elec
Dane-Elec is one of the largest manufacturers of flash memory products, storage and consumer electronic devices in the world. For over 25 years Dane-Elec has provided consistent quality and industry-leading products to customers across the globe. Leading brands including Duracell, Marvel Comics, Blizzard, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Disney and many more around the world, rely on Dane-Elec's expertise to deliver high quality, customized storage solutions. Acknowledged as one of the authorities in quality memory products, Dane-Elec Memory designs, assembles and distributes its products through its own network in the U.S, Europe (France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, Holland, Italy and Spain), South America, Asia and Israel.

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