First Full-Service Mobile Privacy and Security App Now Available for Apple Devices

'GetCocoon' Offers Consumers Online Protection and Privacy for iOS Devices

Santa Barbara, CA, May 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Virtual World Computing announced the availability of the free GetCocoonmobile browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. The Cocoon iOS app - called GetCocoon - is the only full-service mobile security and privacy app that shields a consumer's personal information and online transactions from potential network sniffers, hacks, or other digital exposures - even in WiFi hotspots. Now, people using mobile devices have the option of blocking web tracking from online advertising, including Google and Facebook.

"We created the most comprehensive solution to give consumers control over their entire Internet experience, without the threat of having their personal information exposed," said Vernon Irvin, President/CEO of Virtual World Computing. "Our world is becoming increasingly digitally connected, and our data is being accessed every time we are online. From phones to tablets, laptops and desktops, Cocoon protects and connects all these devices while protecting your privacy and data wherever you are, whether on your laptop, iPad, or iPhone."  

Cocoon and its iOS app GetCocoon create a barrier between the user and the Internet, leveraging secure, SSL-encrypted connections to each Internet activity (similar to what banks use). Cocoon eliminates tracking, "man-in-the-middle" attacks, and WiFi sniffers. Additionally, the app and service provide instant virus scanning for every download, disposable inboxes to shield users from SPAM and phishing attacks, and portable histories to seamlessly connect the browsing of all connected devices.

Some key features to notice on the GetCocoon iOS app include:

  • Eliminates Tracking: Cocoon encrypted browsing keeps your personal information, location, and IP address private. Websites can only see Cocoon, not your computer.
  • History portability from device to device: Cocoon provides instant access to browsing history from the desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or any other device connected to Cocoon's free service.
  • Mailslots: Cocoon's disposable mailboxes help protect email from SPAM and phishing by letting users manage, read, or create mailslots (unique, automated email addresses) on-the-fly with any device.
  • Protection from viruses: Cocoon serves as a barricade, protecting user devices from malicious software, pre-scanning wanted downloads, and blocking unwanted downloads.
  • SSL protection on every network connection: Securely connect to the web, protecting passwords and purchases even on public WiFi and cellular connections.

For more information, or to download Cocoon's new app GetCocoon, go to the Apple iTunes store or iOS App Store and search GetCocoon.

About Cocoon:

Cocoon is a free, all-in-one plugin developed by Virtual World Computing of Santa Barbara, California. In addition to its new iOS app called GetCocoon, Cocoon offers versions for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Cocoon's core business model is built on trust, and its mission is to put the user in control of their Internet experience by ensuring that their computer and personal information are secure and protected from malicious attacks, unwanted spam, and invasions of privacy.  


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