SDI Media Establishes Presence in Italy

SDI Media opens new full service dubbing studio in Milan, Italy

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, CA., May 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SDI Media (SDI) is continuing the expansion of its global dubbing footprint with the opening of a new full service dubbing studio in Milan, Italy. This newly built facility increases SDI's owned-and-operated global dubbing footprint to 21 countries.  Already the world's largest provider of fully integrated and standardized dubbing and subtitling services, SDI is committed to providing customers ever-greater access to its integrated global network of facilities. SDI Italy continues SDI's established strategy of providing an owned-and-operated footprint of facilities in new international territories through a combination of greenfield builds and acquisitions.

SDI Italy will open with 2 studio rooms, with additional expansion planned in 2013, and will provide a full range of dubbing services including: mixing, recording, and editing. The studios will be equipped to service projects for broadcast, theatrical, gaming, and additional media venues.  SDI Italy will also provide SDI clients additional capabilities - allowing SDI to manage Italian projects, in Italy, with Italian management, while also benefitting clients with the technologies and technical expertise that comes from working with a global provider.

"We are very excited about our Italian expansion" said Walter Schonfeld, CEO of SDI, "Our customers continue to look to SDI for a broad array of owned-and-operated, integrated, and standardized facilities that provide the highest-quality dubbing services at competitive prices - SDI Italy is just our latest addition. We will continue to fulfill our commitment to customers in an ever-growing number of locations.  When coupled with SDI's other recent expansions in Japan and the Philippines, as well as our recent launch of new technologies, we are demonstrating the advantages a global partner with owned and operated facilities can offer."

SDI is pleased to announce two additions to SDI Italy's management team; Audrey Sadleir as Italy's Country Manager and Emanuela Ghignoni as Production Manager. Both Audrey and Emanuela have extensive experience in the Italian dubbing market with long histories in various dubbing roles. SDI welcomes Audrey as she departs from her role at Studio Asci in Milan, where she facilitated dubbing projects for features, broadcast, and DVD. Emanuela joins SDI from her former role as Dubbing Manager at Jinglebell Communication, also in Milan, where she managed Client and Production services.   

SDI Italy is scheduled to begin operations in July 2012 and is currently accepting inquiries for new projects.

For further information about this new facility, or to schedule a tour, please contact Audrey Sadleir at +39 377 9433256.


About SDI Media Group:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, SDI Media is the world's leading provider of dubbing, subtitling, and other media localization services. It has operations in 32 countries spanning Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Worldwide, SDI provides localization services in over 60 languages and dialects, and owns and operates over 100 recording rooms and over 30 mixing rooms. SDI provides language dubbing and subtitling services as well as digital services for feature films, live action, animated television series, interactive games, new media and corporate needs. SDI's strength is its ability to offer end-to-end, owned-and-operated service offerings to its clients, including scripting, casting, directing, recording/mixing, and other post production services

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