'Moving Meditation' Provides 3-Pronged Approach to Well-Being

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - May 9, 2012) - In her new book, "Moving Meditation" (www.thegoodwithin.com), Mary Jo Ricketson shares three aspects of everyone's being that can be honed to produce a better quality of life. The book is a practical guide largely founded on these three points. They are:

  • Mind-Body Science: This includes exercises and practices, grounded in science, designed to identify and strengthen the mind-body connection for optimal welfare.
  • Sound Educational Practices: Ricketson integrates the knowledge, methods and tools essential for heightened learning ability, increased understanding and, most important, disciplined thought and action.
  • Faith: A belief in the inherent goodness of every person.

"We all have within us a potential to experience optimal well-being in mind and body," Ricketson says. "This potential, 'the good within,' can be recognized and activated through the work of mind-body training (MBT). This work is a moving meditation, a daily practice of exercises that trains the mind-body to become a conscious instrument to experience our true nature and inherent potential."

An exploration of the core principles in "Moving Meditation" allows readers/students to become more "response-able," capable of responding to the stressors of everyday life in ways that promote optimal well-being, she says. Students learn to let stress work for them rather than against them.

"We begin to see the mind-body as an amazing gift of God that holds within us the promise of vitality, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, focused attention and coordination," she says.

Completing these meditative exercises on a daily basis will reduce stress, restore balance and help practitioners remember how to see themselves, others and the world in a positive light, she says.

"I believe that students-to-be will come to love the work as they sense the vital energy and goodness that it awakens in them," she says.

About Mary Jo Ricketson

Mary Jo Ricketson has studied human health and well-being for decades, earning a bachelor of science in nursing and a master's in education. In 1999, she opened the Center for Mind-Body Training, which offers classes, seminars and personal training. She offers yoga training in her studio, at schools, and in corporate settings. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and two children.

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