Wolverine Execution Services Launches New Multi-Asset Spread Trading Tool That Provides Advanced Automation and Efficiencies

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 9, 2012) - Wolverine Execution Services (WEX), a leading provider of premier technology and execution services, today announced the launch of WEX Spread Agent, an advanced trading applet focused on spread and pairs trading. Only available on the WEX Trading Platform (WTP), Spread Agent builds upon and enhances the functionality in Spread Trader, the current WTP applet. Spread Agent allows traders to continuously leg in and out of multiple spreads, providing an invaluable tool to manage and run various spread scenarios for equities, options and futures.

"As a leading trading technology provider, we have a diverse and sophisticated client base that requires a platform that can evolve with the changing needs of the marketplace," said Jim Michuda, Chief Executive Officer of WEX. "As our client base continues to grow beyond those largely focused on options, we have seen more demand for new functionality and better, more streamlined ways to trade across asset classes. WEX has been focused on developing time- and money-saving tools like Spread Agent in response."

With the development of Spread Agent new features have been added to simplify and enhance the management of multiple spreads including:

  • Synthetically making markets on spreads in any two instruments, across any asset class on one ticket.
  • Safeguards against exceeding user-defined position limits by continually working both the initial spread and reverse spread simultaneously.
  • Detailed spread information, providing extensive information on spread entrance and egress points, as well as a relevant position management fields.
  • Slip Adjustment features that will proactively attempt to rectify leg slippage.
  • The ability to easily clean up open positions or unwind executed spreads.

The new Spread Agent rests within the Managed Order Console in WTP, which includes additional arbitrage opportunity seeking tools like the existing Spread Trader and Volatility Trader.

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Headquartered in Chicago, Wolverine Execution Services (WEX) is an affiliate of Wolverine Holdings, a market leader in derivatives valuation, trading, and value-added order execution. WEX is an independent broker-dealer specializing in the execution of equities, options and futures. WEX offers clients multiple venues for execution including a proprietary electronic trading platform, algorithms, direct floor access, and an agency brokerage desk. Leveraging expertise in trading technology, and risk management, WEX provides clients with anonymity, superior execution and order management in all asset classes, delivering exceptional solutions for both technical and institutional trading styles. For more information visit www.tradeWEX.com.

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