Universal Clients to Benefit From LFV's Competitive Aviation Insurance Offerings

EBACE, GENEVA--(Marketwire - May 14, 2012) - To help meet its clients' insurance needs associated with operation of their aircraft, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. (EBACE exhibit #7080) has developed a relationship with LFV Aviation Insurance Brokers/Luftfahrt-Versicherungslösungen AG (LFV).

LFV was founded in 2005 as a specialist aviation brokerage, is headquartered in Zurich, and has additional offices in London, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. LFV's core business is jet and turbine aircraft, specializing in managing large aircraft fleet policies.

"We have received considerable feedback from our clients, who have asked us for a solution on acquiring reliable cost-effective aviation insurance around the world, and we are excited to now have a relationship with LFV that meets that need," said Greg Evans, Chairman, Universal®. "LFV has a strong global footprint, offers very competitive insurance rates, and shares Universal's partnership approach with clients in delivering a quality service at a competitive price."

"It became clear to us that Universal is the ideal company to develop a strategic relationship with, as both share a similar commitment to our clients based all over the world," said Gavin Naudé, LFV. "Working with Universal, LFV has been successful in structuring a product for their clients that not only provides a policy with more benefits than what is standard, but is also extremely competitively priced, thus we are able to provide savings for Universal clients. We have in a short period of time already seen satisfactory results and we believe that as our relationship with Universal and its clients grows, so will the benefits for our mutual clients."

For more information EBACE attendees can visit Universal exhibit #7080.

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