Greenbelt Solar Rolls Out Free HOA Solar Training Seminar for Home Owners Associations and Property Management Companies to Raise Awareness for Recently Passed Texas Solar Legislation

Homeowners Will Learn How to Make Smart Solar Purchase Decisions as Well as One Simple Trick That Will Allow Anyone to Analyze a Wide Variety of Different and Confusing Sales Proposals and Pick the Best One That Offers the Customer the Best Price per kWh for Producing Clean, Green Solar Electricity

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - May 15, 2012) - To help educate Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and Property Management Companies in Central Texas on new solar legislation recently passed by the Texas State Legislature, Greenbelt Solar ( today unveiled a new 30-minute Free HOA Solar Training Seminar that can be held as a stand-alone event or as part of the HOA's regular monthly meeting.

Recently, the Texas Legislature passed new solar legislation that prohibits most HOAs from blocking the installation of solar power arrays on residential rooftops. Interested homeowners, HOAs and property management companies can schedule a solar training seminar to learn more about the new law by contacting Robert at Greenbelt Solar at (512) 627-6622.

"Most homeowners are surprised at how low the price for solar has dropped over the past two years," said Carey Ibrahimbegovic, Greenbelt Solar's CEO. "The solar training seminar covers the advantages of going solar, current industry pricing and how much money solar will save on electric bills as well as how to make smart solar purchase decisions and buy products made in North America."

The seminar will answer questions regarding the current 30% federal solar tax credit as well as any available solar rebate incentives that might be offered by the local electric utility company or electric cooperative.

For example, HOAs in Austin should make their members aware via monthly newsletters, email news updates and community websites that homeowners can now get a 6,000-watt solar system installed for under $6,000 after all solar rebates and tax incentives have been deducted from the installation cost. This is a large system that can produce approximately 8,400 kWhs of free solar electricity per year.

There has never been a better time to install a solar power array than right now. At a retail electricity price of $0.10 cents per kWh, a 6-kW system will save homeowners approximately $840 a year on their electricity bills, which represents a 74% discount on electric prices. If Austin Energy passes their proposed 12.8% rate increase in 2012, the cost savings will go up to $940 a year and represent a discount of 80% on electricity for the next 25 years.

Last, but not least, the HOA Solar Seminar will educate homeowners on how to make sure that solar companies are installing the best solar equipment that delivers maximum solar power production. And at the end of the seminar homeowners will learn one simple trick that will allow them to evaluate every proposal on apples-to-apples price-to-kWh-generated comparison.

Contact Information:

Robert Hoskins
Greenbelt Solar
(512) 627-6622