Seventh Generation Partners With Gillian Deacon to Help Canadian Families Live Green

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 18, 2012) - EDITOR'S NOTE: There is one video associated with this press release.

This month, Seventh Generation teamed up with green living expert Gillian Deacon in an effort to educate consumers about making safer and healthier choices for themselves and their families.

A video recently released by Seventh Generation reveals that these days, truly going green is easier said than done. With next to no regulations constituting what makes a product green, it can be difficult to decipher what each ingredient really means.

According to Gillian Deacon, most products on grocery store shelves have only passed minimal testing standards to receive certification that claims they are 'Generally Recognized as Safe'.

"What's not accounted for is long term testing," said Deacon at a recent event hosted by Seventh generation and aimed at helping Canadian families navigate the aisles of their local grocery store and live a greener life. "Even terms like 'organic' and 'natural' have limited governed requirements to actually prove their goods are produced ethically or safely."

Luckily, safe alternatives do exist today in Canada. Green companies like Seventh Generation offer green products that are plant-derived, biodegradable and effective, and have all ingredients plainly listed on the package and online. However, in order to dramatically reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals on a daily basis, consumers must know which ingredients to looks for and which to avoid. Gillian and Seventh Generation offer the following advice to see through greenwash and choose the best green products:

Cosmetics: Transdermal absorption occurs when products are absorbed into the body. Research shows the long-term accumulation of chemicals through household and personal care products can lead to human health concerns. Choose cosmetics with few and non-synthetic ingredients listed on the label to avoid unwanted toxins.

Kitchen: After the Second World War as a result of government subsidies for the petroleum and chemical industries, petrochemicals began making their way into cleaning and household products.

Try to avoid anything with a green 'glow' (synthetic colorants) when looking for a kitchen cleaner and instead investigate the ingredients list.

Several forward thinking companies have proactively raised the standards of ingredient disclosure by voluntarily listing all product ingredients on labels and making Material Safety Data Sheets available.

Laundry: Most conventional liquid laundry detergents contain additives called optical brighteners to make clothes appear whiter and brighter than they really are. However, the chemicals that create this substance can rub off on skin and cause a skin reaction that resembles a sunburn. Choosing natural products can help alleviate irritated skin.

In Canada, companies are not required to list the ingredients that make up the scent of their product. However it is possible to have lovely smelling products that are safe to use and contain no petrochemical scent fixatives (phthalates). Choose green products, like Seventh Generation new 4X laundry detergent, that are scented with essential oils and botanical extracts, offering a healthier choice that still leaves clothes fresh and pleasant smelling without any chemical residue or contamination of the water stream.

Check out Seventh Generation for more tips on how to incorporate green living and make healthier choices for your family.

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