NanoProfessor and Indian River State College Partner in New Advanced Materials Laboratory

NanoProfessor Advanced Materials Lab Key Part of Newly Opened Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Indian River State College

SKOKIE, IL--(Marketwire - May 21, 2012) - NanoProfessor®, a division of NanoInk®, Inc. focused on nanotechnology education, announced today that it has partnered with Indian River State College (IRSC) in Fort Pierce, Fla. in the naming of the NanoProfessor Advanced Materials Lab within the newly opened Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Indian River State College will be the first college in the Southeastern U.S. to offer students access to the instrumentation and curriculum provided by the NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program.

"We are committed to offering Indian River State College students an education that prepares them for hi-tech jobs in the fields of nanotechnology, alternative energy, photonics, nanomaterials, electronics, and more," said Dr. Edwin Massey, President of IRSC. "In accordance with that commitment, we have partnered with NanoProfessor in the NanoProfessor Advanced Materials Lab. Within this lab, IRSC students will have access to state-of-the-art instruments and an advanced curriculum that has traditionally only been available to graduate students at research universities."

"We are pleased to be associated with the wonderful work being done at Indian River State College through our partnership in naming the NanoProfessor Advanced Materials Lab," said Dean Hart, Chief Commercial Officer of NanoInk. "The Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an incredible example of the commitment IRSC has made in preparing a hi-tech workforce for Florida's Research Coast. Companies will no doubt take notice that IRSC is providing the type of talented human capital needed to grow successful hi-tech businesses in Florida."

The NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program provides IRSC students with access to instrumentation, curriculum, and hands-on labs to expand their knowledge, skills, and real-world experience needed to work in the growing nanotechnology industry. In conducting lab experiments, students learn the fundamentals for building custom-engineered nanoscale structures while working with state-of-the-art equipment including NanoInk's NLP 2000 Desktop NanoFabrication System, an atomic force microscope, a nanoparticle characterization instrument, an advanced fluorescence microscope, and various chemical and biological materials used today within current and emerging nanotechnology applications.

At the dedication of the NanoProfessor Advanced Materials Lab, Dean Hart presented Dr. Edwin Massey a unique, framed image of the smallest IRSC logo in existence. Consisting of 6,500 20-nanometer dots, the actual logo was printed with NanoInk's proprietary Dip Pen Nanolithography® and only measures 10 x 10 microns. The framed image of the micron-sized IRSC logo will hang in the NanoProfessor Advanced Materials Lab and includes a plaque stating that approximately 17,000 copies of the actual printed IRSC logo could be placed on the head of a pin, helping students and visitors to the lab better understand the incredibly small size of nanotechnology.

The Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the IRSC Main Campus in Fort Pierce is a multi-purpose, energy-efficient building containing technologically advanced laboratories designed to develop the skills necessary for hi-tech employment or entrepreneurship. The 65,000-square-foot building was constructed to Silver LEED standards of environmental design with recycled materials.

Indian River State College has earned a statewide and national reputation for excellence, with over 150 programs leading to Bachelor's Degrees, Associate Degrees, Technical Certificates, and Applied Technology Diplomas. More information is available at:

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(L-R) Ann Decker, Executive Director, Indian River State College (IRSC) Foundation; Dr. Edwin Massey, President, IRSC; Dean Hart, Chief Commercial Officer, NanoInk; Dr. Kevin Cooper, Director of Advanced Technology, IRSC;  Jason Fromer, Global Business Development Executive, NanoProfessor, stand in front of the NanoProfessor Advanced Materials Lab at Indian River State College.