PeopleClues Sweetens Mel-O-Cream Donuts' Approach to Candidate Screening

Mel-O-Cream Improved Quality of Hire, Reduced Turnover Rates, and Streamlined Recruiting Processes With PeopleClues' Workplace Assessments and User-Friendly Dashboard

WOODSTOCK, GA--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - PeopleClues, an industry leader in workplace assessments, today shared details of how its innovative employment assessments and unified, user-friendly assessment Dashboard helped Mel-O-Cream® Donuts streamline its recruiting practices and drastically improve quality of hire. "PeopleClues Sweetens Mel-O-Cream Donuts' Approach to Candidate Screening," a full case study detailing the company's success, is now available on the PeopleClues website at

Mel-O-Cream Donuts has grown from a small retail shop in Springfield, Ill. to the wholesale bakery product manufacturer and Midwestern household name that it is today. Employing individuals in retail sales, operations, sanitarians, maintenance technicians, factory labor and truck drivers, the company was seeking to simplify its formerly cumbersome recruiting, screening and pre-employment tracking processes. Mel-O-Cream selected PeopleClues' validated workplace assessments and easy-to-use Dashboard to enhance its screening- and assessments-related processes for both hiring managers and job candidates, while improving quality of hire.

"PeopleClues has an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. It allows us to create job postings, and collect behavioral assessment data, employee engagement data and job criteria and store it within the candidate's online profile. I did not see that feature simply or well-executed in other applications that we considered," Dave Ryan, director of Human Resources for Mel-O-Cream, commented. "We have improved the way that candidates move through the recruiting and screening process because PeopleClues' technology is paperless, automated and cloud-based."

PeopleClues' scientifically-validated employment assessments and Dashboard help Mel-O-Cream standardize its recruiting and screening processes. Gaining better insight to candidates' abilities and behavioral characteristics, Mel-O-Cream is now able to quickly identify those individuals who are a right fit for the company culture, position requirements and demands. As a result, the company has facilitated greater satisfaction among hiring managers and new employees, increased retention rates, and reallocated time previously spent addressing turnover and battling with its former recruiting system to work on more strategic initiatives, including performance management and benchmarking.

"Mel-O-Cream is a company that is dedicated to putting quality first. PeopleClues is delighted to help the organization achieve that goal as it leverages our unique solutions to quickly identify and engage the talent whose values, skills and behaviors align with those of the position and company," said PeopleClues Chief Strategy Officer, Bryan Wempen. "With PeopleClues' award-winning and widely recognized benchmarking, applicant ranking and data mining capabilities, employers can also strategically focus on putting quality first when building and developing their workforces."

About Mel-O-Cream Donuts
Mel-O-Cream Donuts is a manufacturer of frozen donuts and frozen dough bakery products. We are located in Springfield, Ill. and supply grocery wholesale houses, as well as institutional food supply houses. The Company was founded in 1932 and still supplies and supports a chain of local donuts shops in Central Illinois. Mel-O-Cream produces high quality products and puts quality before price. Our motto is "Doing donuts right!"

About PeopleClues
PeopleClues is an award winning global provider of employment assessments for measuring job fit, attitude and level of engagement for candidates and employees. These assessments are built for pre-employment screening, career development, team development as well as training and development. Based in Woodstock, Georgia, PeopleClues provides the assessment tools that allow thousands of companies in 8 countries to make better hiring and training decisions. PeopleClues has also recently launched an industry game changer with its "ACE" "Automated Candidate Experience" product providing Clients a huge strategic advantage in allowing their candidates who have taken the assessments to instantly receive personalized feedback on how to improve the way they present themselves in their resume and interview. PeopleClues strategic partners include Insperity (formerly known as Administaff), CareerBuilder, Bond International (formerly known as VCG Software), Reliant, Prophecy Healthcare and Getting Hired. For additional information, contact or visit