Tesseract School Announces Graduation of First Inaugural Class

Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer to Deliver Commencement Address

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - While many teenagers today might refer to Tesseract as the energy source maliciously used in the blockbuster summer film The Avengers, students at this highly-regarded non-profit independent school view their Tesseract as a character-building, collaborative and creative school -- soon to be referred to as "our alma mater."

And to mark an historic milestone, on Wednesday, June 6, Tesseract School will present 18 diplomas to its inaugural graduating class, the culmination of an exciting chapter in the school's history, an accomplishment that dates back to its founding in 1988 when it first opened as a preschool through grade 8.

Tesseract founded its Upper School in fall 2008 with the dedication of its new Middle and Upper School campus on 40th Street and Shea Boulevard. Today, Tesseract School is a thriving, 21st Century education leader focusing on a student-centered approach and innovative curriculum, which focuses on critical thinking, a love of learning and experiential travel to reinforce global perspective.

Commencement speaker Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer was impressed with Tesseract's methodology, including the school's vision for giving back to its community and the State of Arizona with numerous scholarships in math, science, technology, leadership, entrepreneurialism, environmentalism, the arts and athletics, as well as financial aid, so she wholeheartedly agreed to deliver the Commencement Address to Tesseract's inaugural class.

This senior class is worth celebrating. These 18 students were awarded over $500,000 in scholarship -- based on merit. With a 100 percent acceptance rate at colleges and universities nationwide, including all of its early decision applicants, and 63 percent attending their first choice school, the Tesseract community has a great deal to be proud of as its inaugural graduating class confidently struts down the aisle to Pomp and Circumstance.

"Tesseract's senior class demonstrated critical thinking and intellectual curiosity for each year they were in our Upper School," noted Chris LaBonte, Tesseract's founding Director of Upper School. "The students embraced our rich program, which combines the depth and breadth that is required by colleges and universities today. This was clearly recognized by the schools that accepted and granted our trailblazers over $500,000 in scholarship funds."

The pride in this class is best expressed by Nigel Taplin, Head of Tesseract School. "These students have exceeded our vision for their dedication to the school's mission," he says. "They demonstrated strength of character, innovation and collaboration throughout their years in our Upper School."

About Tesseract:
An education leader in the Valley, Tesseract School prepares students to excel in college and beyond, lead lives of purpose, and become ethical and compassionate citizens with a global perspective. Tesseract's innovative educational approach engages students to master the basics and become critical thinkers. As a non-profit, independent private school for students in preschool through grade 12, resources are directed to recruit and retain outstanding educators and continually enhance the school's two campuses in Phoenix and Paradise Valley. For information, visit www.tesseractschool.org and plan to visit Tesseract by calling 480.991.1770.

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Tesseract School (Phoenix, AZ) 2012 Senior Class Tesseract School (Phoenix, AZ) 2012 Senior Class