Password Security Is Top Priority For Leading Online Privacy Company

Cocoon's Password Storage Service Now Available To Consumers

Santa Barbara, CA, June 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the wake of high-profile password security breaches, like the latest news from LinkedIn, one of the nation's leading online privacy companies announced today a Password Storage service designed to make managing unique and complex passwords secure and convenient.

Virtual World Computing is offering the Password Storage service as part of its premium online security and privacy services called Cocoon+ available as an add-on for Firefox, Internet Explorer and through the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

"Internet users are rightfully anxious about these high-profile password security breaches," said Vernon Irvin, President/CEO of Virtual World Computing. "The vast majority of people use simple passwords or re-use the same password for multiple websites. When someone steals our online passwords it impacts every aspect of our lives. We responded by creating a solution for consumers that is easy to manage and protects all those passwords."

Cocoon's Password Storage features include:

•                Freedom to create unique and complex passwords for each site

•                Password-protected online storage area for passwords 

•                Convenient, yet secure, access to passwords for each site

Company officials said they will continue to develop new features to Cocoon's Password Storage service. They will be releasing a version that automatically saves passwords entered on a given site later this summer.

About Cocoon:

Cocoon is a free, all-in-one plugin developed by Virtual World Computing of Santa Barbara, California. In addition to its iOS app called GetCocoon, Cocoon offers versions for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Cocoon's core business model is built on trust, and its mission is to put the user in control of their Internet experience by ensuring that their computer and personal information are secure and protected from malicious attacks, unwanted spam, and invasions of privacy.  


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