Sionix Corporation Provides Progress Update on Williston Basin Project in North Dakota

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 19, 2012) - Sionix Corporation (OTCBB: SINX) provided an update today on its Williston Basin Project in North Dakota. In accordance with treatment revisions requested by their E&P client, Sionix has completed the reconfiguration of their Mobile Water Treatment System ("MWTS") and the proposed reconfiguration was submitted to McFall Incorporated and representatives of their E&P client during the course of onsite meetings last week. The proposed MWTS modifications were agreed upon, particularly as they related to MWTS component configuration, treatment parameters, and capacity metrics.

Sionix Chairman and CEO Jim Currier advised, "With approvals in hand, specific MWTS components are currently being ordered and acquired. As each component is received they will be integrated into our treatment train for deployment to the Williston Basin at the earliest possible date." Currier expects deployment no later than mid-July, 2012.

Noting the delays caused as a result of the MWTS reconfiguration, Currier further advised that "the single most important aspect of our reconfiguration was the multilateral accord between the parties that establish protocols and metrics for the measurement of treatment results, ultimately minimizing performance risks as well as setting the bar much higher for competitive advantage in the Williston and other shale formations currently under development west of the Mississippi."

As previously disclosed, Sionix personnel will be responsible for the integration of the modified components, the subsequent operation and maintenance of the MWTS and its performance in the Williston Basin. As the re-configurated MWTS is implemented into the drilling schedule of our E&P client, Sionix anticipates further deployments in the Williston Basin, as well as other energy bearing shale formations in the continental United States.

About the Bakken Shale Formation of the Williston Basin

The Bakken Shale Formation can be found in the Williston Basin, which stretches across North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In total, the basin covers roughly 300,000 square miles. The basin will become the second largest oil producing area as a direct result of hydraulic fracking, horizontal drilling, and artificial permeability practices. These technologies, using an average of 5 million gallons of water per well, have created opportunities for water treatment and recycling that would ordinarily be disposed of in deep injection wells. Many industry experts believe these processes will liberate energy resources in 30+ shale formations across the United States and make the country substantially more energy-efficient. Remediation of the large amounts of water necessary to support the energy harvesting activities are mission critical to the industry's sustainability, future expansion, and success. Sionix believes it is poised to be a key player in this water remediation process.

About Sionix Corporation

Sionix designs innovative and advanced MWTS intended for use in energy, government facilities, healthcare facilities, emergency water supplies during natural disasters, housing development projects, and various industrial processes including subterranean fracturing used in oil and gas drilling. These systems can be located adjacent to contaminated water sites or as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and other membrane applications. Industries involved in dairy, agribusiness, meat processing, mining, poultry operations, and many others can benefit from Sionix' cost-effective, easily maintained, portable water treatment systems. For more information about the company, go to

About Sionix Technology

The Sionix Mobile Water Treatment System (MWTS) for fluids management and water treatment addresses a broad spectrum of contaminant conditions in totality. Using a customized technology configuration, each system tailors its technology suite to address each customer's specific treatment needs. The dynamic nature of influent contamination dictates treatment parameters which may continually be in flux. The modularity of the technology suite within the Sionix MWTS allows for the ease of adaptation to these fluctuating contaminant conditions. A unique component highlighted within the Sionix systems is the Sionix patented and proprietary Dissolved Air Flotation technology, which generates micro bubbles between the size of 1 and 2 microns, compared to historical sizes of 50 microns or larger. The actions of these micro bubbles facilitate the removal of 99.95% of organic contaminants and a majority of inorganic contaminants. The evolution of this technology is exclusive to the Sionix MWTS.

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