CoverMyMeds Partners with Community Specialty Pharmacy Network (CSPN) to Provide e-Prior Authorization Tools to Specialty Pharmacies Nationwide

Twinsburg, Ohio, June 20, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Specialty medications are of critical importance to patients living with chronic conditions, yet 90% of specialty medications have restrictions that require permission from the insurer before they can be filled at the pharmacy. That's why Community Specialty Pharmacy Network (CSPN) has partnered with CoverMyMeds® to automate the Prior Authorization process.

"CoverMyMeds is a very valuable service for the CSPN membership," said Nick Calla, CSPN's vice president of Industry Relations. "It has proven to be a great aid for a number of our pharmacies in working through the complicated prior authorization processes used by many managed care plans".

A specialty pharmacy provides medications that often require special storage and handling that most retail pharmacies cannot manage. Because specialty medications require patients take them in a specific way or cause side effects, patients may have trouble sticking to their regimens, which is why specialty pharmacies have pharmacists monitor treatment. Nearly all specialty drugs have Prior Authorization (PA) restrictions on them because they are so expensive - as much as $10,000 a month for injectable medications.

Through the partnership, CoverMyMeds will provide CSPN's specialty pharmacists the right Prior Authorization (PA) request for every drug and health insurance plan, allowing pharmacists to easily complete and share with the prescriber PA forms at the point of a claim rejection. Pharmacies can benefit from the streamlined PA process by signing up for PriorAuthPlus powered by CoverMyMeds.  PriorAuthPlus is a collaboration solution from RelayHealth and CoverMyMeds, used by thousands of retail pharmacies nationwide, which easily initiates the PA process within the pharmacist's workflow as the prescription claim is being processed.  In five minutes or less, prescribers can complete a PA form and submit it for prescriber review. The standard process can take upward of 30 minutes.

Community Specialty Pharmacy Network (CSPN) of Drexel Hill, Penn., is the largest community specialty pharmacy network in the country that provides immediate availability of critically required specialty medication. In addition to dispensing medications, CSPN offers a comprehensive approach in helping patients adhere to their medication regimens. CoverMyMeds provides automated tools that greatly simplify the PA submission process.  

Ron Fine, vice president of National Health Plans at CoverMyMeds, said that as a result of the partnership, patients will be able to receive necessary medications faster. "Our partnership with CSPN helps pharmacies provide an even better level of service to their patients," Fine said. "CSPN also will be able to provide assistance to the doctors they work with by giving them the right Prior Authorization form in a timely way. Combined with the nationwide PriorAuthPlus network used by retail pharmacies, this partnership expands the streamlined PA process to more physicians and pharmacists with the ultimate goal of ensuring patients receive their prescribed medications to improve their health." 

About CSPN: CSPN is the largest community specialty network in the country, with over 210+ member pharmacies servicing 49 states and servicing over 100,000 specialty lives. With over $2.5 Billion in total Rx purchases and $800 Million in Specialty Rx, CSPN is now the nation's 8th largest specialty provider. CSPN provides a unique distribution channel which allows immediate availability of critically required specialty medication. It is delivered by a compassionate, highly competent staff of pharmacy professionals dedicated to improving patients' lives.  For more information about CSPN, contact 866.207.CSPN, or visit

About CoverMyMeds:  CoverMyMeds helps doctors and pharmacies submit prior authorizations and other coverage determination forms for any drug and nearly all plans. The service is 100% free for pharmacies and physicians. Physicians can access the service at, or through the company's growing list of partners.  CoverMyMeds is a portfolio company of BioEnterprise and JumpStart Inc. For more information, contact CoverMyMeds at 866.452.5017, or visit

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