Upper Darby Pain Management Offers Unique Approach to Relieve Suffering From Back Pain

UPPER DARBY, Pa., June 24, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Jarrad Teller, a chiropractor and physiotherapist, is raising awareness of the importance of integrated therapy to treat pain. At the Art of Wellness, Dr. Teller tailors a pain management program, which may include chiropractic care and physical therapy, to the patient's etiology and level of pain. Dr. Teller may incorporate medication or other treatments as necessary to provide relief. Dr. Teller's wellness center provides comprehensive care, which includes adjustments, active stretching and exercise, medication management, and several physical therapy modalities, which include a medical procedure that is derived from acupuncture and called percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (PENS).

"Integrated pain management is revolutionizing treatment of Philadelphia and Upper Darby's chronic pain patients," said Dr. Teller. "We do not have a set in stone approach to pain management. Instead, after evaluating a patient, we develop a therapeutic program to deliver a combination of treatment modalities that focuses on providing not only immediate relief, but also long term benefit."

Dr. Teller works closely with Dr. Michael Schina, who has substantial experience in pain management. Dr. Schina previously worked as a trauma surgeon and for Merck Pharmaceuticals developing a new medication for treatment of pain. "My previous work in trauma significantly shaped my approach to pain management," said Dr. Schina. "An integrated approach that incorporates options to customize treatment of each patient provides us with the capability to meet the unique needs of each patient. This approach produces superior results than simply prescribing the same treatment for everyone."

Dr. Teller begins with an initial evaluation. He may start treatment with traditional physical therapy and chiropractic care. Medication management and PENS are also options that are considered. "Deep tissue massage and myofascial release alleviate tension that is trapped deep within muscle and its surrounding layer of connective tissue that is called fascia," said Dr. Teller. "Chronic pain frequently responds well to this treatment." In refractory cases, the Upper Darby wellness center offers trigger point injections of Sarapin, an herbal-based substance, and Celestone, a corticosteroid. With the assistance of x-ray or ultrasound, injections of the epidural space adjacent to discs of the spine, facet joints of the spine, and joints elsewhere in the body are administered with precision to minimize adverse events. In patients presenting with severe pain and in whom chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release, and massage therapy are not tolerated, injections may be the initial treatment that is recommended.

The Art of Wellness provides treatment of patients with not only acute injuries, but also chronic conditions such as diffuse pain associated with fibromyalgia, headache, TMJ, shoulder and trapezius muscle pain, rotator cuff tear of the shoulder, tendinitis and tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative disc disease (arthritis) of the spine, degenerative joint disease (DJD) (arthritis) of the knee and hip, chronic sprain and strain, chronic sports injury, spinal misalignment, bad posture, and chronic fatigue.

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