Vinotemp International Introduces the New Wine-Mate 4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System

The Industry's First Fully Customizable, Self-Contained Wine Cooling Unit with the Ability to Control both Temperature and Humidity Levels in a Variety of Climates

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Aug. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vinotemp, a recognized leader in the wine storage and refrigeration industry for 25 years, has added the Wine-Mate® 4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System to its newly patented line of Wine-Mate self-contained cooling units. As the industry's first fully customizable wine cooling unit, the Wine-Mate 4510HZD is the perfect solution for properly storing a variety of goods in aptly constructed cellars and cabinets. With its ability to control both temperature and humidity levels in a variety of climates, the Wine-Mate 4510HZD can be used for storing and aging wine as well as fine furs, cigars, leather goods, chocolate, and salami.  

"Vinotemp is dedicated to creating the best wine cabinets and cellars in the world by utilizing the finest materials and Wine-Mate cooling systems," states India Hynes, president of Vinotemp International. "The recent patent on Wine-Mate's self-contained cooling units and the addition of the Wine-Mate 4510HZD are testaments to Vinotemp's proven ability to provide the perfect long-term storage climate for our clients' wine collections and other luxury goods."

The ability to function in varying ambient temperatures is a unique feature of the new Wine-Mate 4510HZD. A quiet, high speed condenser exhaust fan allows the system to work in both normal and extremely high ambient temperatures while a crankcase heater protects the compressor from damage when the ambient temperature falls below 50 F - ensuring the proper storage climate for wine and other luxury goods.

Exclusive customization options such as power cord location, exhaust system configuration, and the supply grill direction are also unique to the Wine-Mate 4510HZD. Additional options such as a compressor heater (provides protection against low ambient temperatures), a heater outlet, a reusable, washable condenser air filter, patent-pending remote call feature (sends notifications when the temperature of the cellar falls out of the desired range), insulated duct, and duct adapter can also be added to the cooling system.

For added style, the deviceful Wine-Mate 4510HZD features a subtle tan color and a unique, curved supply grille and front panel. An adjustable speed evaporator fan allows for multiple installation options (self-contained, split, or ducted), while the backwards-curved impeller fans can distribute air up to 50 feet.

The new 4510HZD features an adjustable climate control system for simultaneous temperature and humidity control, allowing one to maintain the ideal storage temperature (50-65 F) and humidity level (50 to 60 percent). As with the rest of the Wine-Mate self-contained cooling unit line, the 4510HZD also arrives ready for installation - no refrigeration technician, copper tubing or drain line required.

The Wine-Mate 4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System measures 14 ¾" W x 24" D x 20" H and has a coverage size of 1000 cubic feet. Pricing for the unit starts at $2599 and it is available for purchase through and

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