Chicago's GH School for Health Living Launches National Hiring Search for Coaches and Athletes

Popular Chicago Fitness Program Seeks to Hire the Best in this Down Economy

CHICAGO, Aug. 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the world recently cheered on athletes who most embody the Olympic spirit, we reflect on how greatly sports have evolved throughout the years. The methods for coaching athletes have changed drastically as well. These days, coaches have to be versatile enough to grow beyond teamwork and motivational techniques in order to truly inspire their athletes.

That's why the GH School of Healthy Living is forging ahead and embracing a distinctive approach to personal training, which has resulted in creating world class trainers and inspirational healthy living leaders. It all starts with the right team, and GH is hiring.

GH School of Healthy Living recognizes that former college coaches are the best suited candidates to transition from their day jobs into the GH programs. Channeling their passion and skill set from a career served shaping the lives of athletes, these former college coaches create a positive environment of highly effective techniques for motivating all types of people towards sustainable, healthy living.

When Kelly Lindsey joined GH School of Healthy Living in 2011, she knew she was joining a movement that transforms traditional 'exercise and healthy living' practices for her clients. After completing a successful professional soccer career with the US Women's National Soccer Team, Lindsey refocused her drive and athletic prowess to coaching; serving as an NCAA Division 1 women's soccer coach at the University of California, Berkeley. Lindsey later left her job at Berkeley to pursue her dream of working closer with her players to propel them towards their peak potential.

Lindsey eventually realized the more successful she became as a coach, the less time she had to train and inspire the best from her players towards reaching their champion goals - as well as motivate them in school and their daily lives. She wanted the opportunity to go beyond merely winning and losing with her players by encouraging them to reach their true life potential. At GH School for Healthy Living, Lindsey finally found herself in an environment that allowed her to combine her skills as a former player and coach to positively transform the lives of others.

"Helping real people win in the game of life – where winning really matters – allows me to be more of a coach than I could ever have been in the world of collegiate and professional sports," said Lindsey. "GH School for Healthy Living allows me the opportunity to really focus on improving the lives and health of others."

Through the vision of Greg Hahaj, the CEO and founder of the popular Chicago-based GH's life coaching centers, GH School for Healthy Living has incurred tremendous success transforming clients' lives through changing behaviors inside and outside the gym. At GH, clients are instilled with a complete education about healthy nutrition and exercise, as well as scientific assessments to create and monitor personalized health plans for each client.

"I want to dedicate my career to improve their performance in the game of life and I wanted to surround myself with a team that shares that same mission," commented Hahaj.

GH School for Healthy Living has attracted other top-tier athletes and coaches who have made the switch from traditional coaching to sustainable living. Doug Penno, a former Division 1 basketball player and Assistant Coach at Pace University in New York, has also channeled his years of experience to educate and empower people who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

"Through my experience in basketball as a player and a coach, I realized the incredibly positive impact a coach can have on the lives of others," said Penno, "I enjoyed coaching basketball, because it gave me the opportunity to help my players be better people and that's my passion."

Penno helps people think about more than just winning.

"I joined the GH School for Healthy Living because they measure winning the same way I do – by improving individual people's lives everyday and helping them set the right goals, and then exceed them," said Penno.

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