Syn-Apps Delivers Next Generation Desktop Notification

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2012) - Syn-Apps, LLC, a recognized leader in the network-centric paging and mass notification space, announced the release of the next generation Desktop Notification Client (DNC) for SA-Announce. The drastically enhanced DNC enables Windows and Mac desktops to become notification endpoints. As an endpoint, user desktops may receive and broadcast Emergency Alerts, Weather Alerts, Live or Pre-recorded Audio Broadcasts, Text Messages and more.

The client works as a service connected to the Syn-Apps SA-Announce platform. When an alert is triggered, the user receives a pop-up window with text, graphics, audio instructions or rich media content. The DNC is uniquely designed to display alert content, even when a user's computer is locked. Emergency Alert notifications take precedence until dismissed by an authorized individual.

"SA-Announce continues to provide customers with maximum flexibility for how critical alerts are delivered. Notifications may now include things like evacuation plans, instructional videos, and web links to ensure the right content reaches its target instantly," said Steve Horton, CEO of Syn-Apps. "Desktop notification is a key component of any holistic emergency notification or business communication process strategy. Our enhanced client delivers a list of new features making it easier than ever to address those needs."

As part of the Syn-Apps SA-Announce Notification Solution, the Desktop Notification Client is simple to deploy -- automatically pulling all configuration information from SA-Announce. It then utilizes Dynamic Assignment to add desired targets to groups based on several filters, drastically reducing notification group management and improving enterprise communication. To learn more about the DNC, please contact the Syn-Apps sales team at 866-664-6071 or

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