Viper Networks Signs Pilot Project With Sri Lanka Ministry for LED Street Lights and Indoor Lighting

NAPLES, Fla., Oct. 3, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Viper Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:VPER), is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement with Sri Lanka's Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to commence a short-term pilot program by installing about 100 LED indoor lights and approximately one dozen street lights near the Ministry's administration building as a small size, short trial test period.

The estimated 30 to 90 day pilot program has been agreed to as an initial requirement to confirm Viper Networks (and Apollo Metro Solutions) LED lighting electricity savings and ease of installation capabilities as it relates to potentially replacing all of Sri Lanka's eighteen (18) existing harbors and eleven (11) new harbors under construction with approximately 150 to 200 indoor lights and street lights for each location.

The largest of these new harbors being built is slated to open next month during November 2012, which along with all of the country's harbors, is under the supervision of Sri Lanka's Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

Shareholders and potential investors should note that this news release announcing the pilot project with one of Sri Lanka's Ministries is expected to be only the first of several separate agreements with different ministries in the country.

In addition to successfully concluding the pilot project agreement in person in Sri Lanka, the CEO of Viper Networks has also met with other key ministers and officials this week, including the Mayor of the Capital city of Colombo and the Ministry of Electricity; where talks were centered on Viper Networks and Apollo Metro's solicitation to provide LED street lights and other advanced lighting technologies for Sri Lanka's roads and highways.

The result of this meeting was immediate, as Sri Lanka officials have requested a detailed plan and proposal for the Company to provide various LED lighting solutions for three major cities in Sri Lanka, including Colombo, which is the largest city and metropolitan area with a population of approximately 1.5 million people (per the 2012 census).

And finally, Viper CEO Farid Shouekani is meeting with Sri Lanka's Ministry of Water Management since they have expressed a strong desire for an automatic meter reading system similar to the system Viper and Apollo are working on in the United States. In fact, the Water Management minister is scheduled to visit the U.S on October 16th for an official review of the live working system prior to signing an agreement.

The management of Viper Networks would like to extend their appreciation for everyone's patience and strongly encourage all shareholders to continue to follow corporate developments closely. The Company anticipates announcing further details on each aspect noted in today's news release and forthcoming updates regarding other positive developments in India and the USA.

Sri Lanka is a sizable island country covering over 25,000 square miles, which is located off the southern coast of India. Sri Lanka has one of the fasting growing economies in the world and an expanding population currently estimated at 20.3 million (2012 census). With a strategic location in the path of major sea routes, Sri Lanka has been known as 'The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.'

All LED product specifications and options and LED Lighting Systems and Intelligent Lighting Solutions are featured at, which also provides PDF documents of product dimensions and sample configurations for downloading or printing.

Although Viper Networks is a smaller minority owner (with 12.5%) of Apollo Metro Solutions, the Company has contractual rights to acquire 49%. Viper Networks will be focusing on major new orders in Southeast Asia, which will be manufactured and distributed from Apollo Metro Solutions' new headquarters in Naples, Florida.

The Viper Networks logo is available at

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