SPEC EW Group Unveils Next Generation Multifunction EW Products

World's Most Advanced DRFM Jammers for use in Complex Threat Environments

Austin, Texas, Oct. 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SPEC (Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation) EW Group is pleased to announce the availability of its latest ADEPTM EW operational products, hardware-in-the-loop EW simulators, EW system development environment and test equipment, and EW test range and training products. SPEC's newest ADEPTM EW tactical products include compact, low power, ruggedized, conduction-cooled, airborne T4000 systems and M3000 series single card products, available in multiple form factors with programmable interfaces to match all legacy, modern and evolving bus standards.

These newest ADEPTM products are extremely versatile EW products and system building blocks. Every ADEPTM EW product possesses the world's most advanced, multi-faceted Digital RF Memory (DRFM) jammer and false targets generator. Configurable across a frequency range from 30 MHz to 18GHz and beyond, each ADEPTM product is composed of multiple embedded DRFM kernels, designed to engage simultaneous threats and to generate up to 128 simultaneous targets, which can be overlapping across the spectrum without loss of integrity.

All ADEPTM products contain ultra-high resolution, broadband spectrum digitizers for use in ES, SIGINT and direction finding operations, and spectrum management applications.  ADEPTM  enabled systems can be configured to operate in either ES/Spectrum Management mode or EA mode (or can be configured to operate cooperatively, switching between modes) to respond to multifunction EW missions, while blanking (protecting) the frequencies of friendly communications and radars. With these intrinsic architectural attributes, ADEPTM simulator products can be configured to generate complex RF scenes and thousands of simultaneous targets/scatterers.  ADEPTM EW products are the critical, configurable building blocks for the next generation of naval, air and ground EW operational systems, complex simulators, test ranges and system development environments.

Randy Noster, SPEC President and CEO said, "Our EW Group's newest ADEPTM products are designed specifically to meet the needs of our EW and ISR customers.  ADEPTM enabled systems are the next generation in EW capabilities and are uniquely threat responsive and cost effective. We are pleased to offer these products as a holistic response to the needs of the EW community, across the board - responding to the needs of operational forces, system developers, and test and training organizations, alike."

Gary Zreet, SPEC VP, EW Group, stated, "We're particularly excited about the board market applications  for our  ADEPTM EW products. The ADEPTM architecture is structured with modular hardware and software IP blocks, which support ease of integration, simplicity of response to evolving threats, and much lower life cycle costs. Because ADEPTM products have been designed for modularity and ease in adaptability, we are able to offer our customers a very cost effective solution to custom EW applications."

SPEC EW Group is based in Austin, Texas SPEC EW Group products include a portfolio of cutting edge, commercialized electronic warfare ("EW") products, based upon its "ADEPTM technology", essential to rapidly evolving mission requirements for transparently integrated EW, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance ("ISR"), and spectrum management solutions. Among its capabilities to address these markets, SPEC EW Group offers the world's most advanced, operationally proven integrated EW, SIGINT and spectrum management solutions, tactical Digital Radio Frequency Memory ("DRFM") products, EW environment and radar simulators, and complex radio frequency ("RF") scene generators.


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