Phizzle Enhances Digital Platform With Affinity Solution to Drive Customer Loyalty and Brand Engagement

Industry's Leader in Mobile and Digital Marketing Redefines the Customer Lifecycle by Leveraging Card-Less Mobile Loyalty Campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2012) - Phizzle Inc., a leading technology provider of advanced mobile marketing products and digital advertising solutions, today introduced a new loyalty solution named Affinity. As the most recent enhancement to Phizzle's industry-leading robust, enterprise-grade digital platform, Affinity deepens a business's brand loyalty by activating redeemable 'card-less,' point-earning capabilities for any encounter -- mobile, social or in-person -- with a customer. Designed to incentivize sports fans or retail brand customers, Affinity can be used as a primary rewards program or seamlessly integrated into any existing rewards program.

Phizzle's Affinity solution provides valuable insights into customer preferences while delivering and tracking transaction-based POS. As a complete, turn-key loyalty solution, Affinity enables merchants, retailers and brands to create customized mobile, social, online and traditional marketing campaigns which target subscribed consumers via their smartphones or tablets and apply points that reward and encourage desired behaviors. The solution is an easy-to-use, cloud-based interface that delivers real-time content, driving higher redemption rates than traditional marketing channels.

Affinity delivers rewards redeemable anytime, anywhere, providing an integrated buying experience that is personalized, unique and secure.

With Phizzle's platform driven by a real-time analytics engine, Affinity measures ROI by delivering instantaneous results predicated on consumer behaviors and overall campaign success. Phizzle's proactive approach to mobile campaign management, in a rapidly changing marketplace, enables global brands to focus on real-time customer behavior and quickly target promotional offers to select participants at the most opportune time.

"Relevant customer experience now involves much more than just pushing out content to available channels. It requires an understanding of how consumers use these channels, identifying where opportunities lie and optimizing the experience for each channel," said Ben Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Phizzle. "The fact that we are seeing a fusion of technologies has become extraordinarily important in understanding how brands market to people. Phizzle's forward-thinking loyalty product, Affinity, is designed to meet the demands of multi-industry brands to deliver deeper fan loyalty and increased advertising revenue."

Phizzle's Affinity Solution: Benefits and Features

Earn Points: Out of the box, businesses can enable point-earning functionality for any of Phizzle's existing mobile engagement campaigns, such as text to win, voting, textback and trivia. By enabling the Affinity solution, consumers earn points for performing engagement-related activities. In addition, Affinity points can be earned through other activities such as integration with social (Social POS), web and traditional Point of Sale (POS) elements via Phizzle's web services-based API.

Redeem Points: Consumers can redeem points for rewards or physical goods through automatic rewards established at various point thresholds, by debiting points manually via the administrative interface or by using a custom-developed web interface through which fans can use their points to "purchase" items.

Reward Loyal Customers: Flexible delivery options such as SMS, push notifications from an application, email, traditional offline methods or enabling Affinity to be integrated into a brand's mobile app ensures rewards can be received and presented for redemption at point of sale. Phizzle's Affinity platform integrates with all national payment processors to provide dollar specific gift card rewards, enabling businesses to provide actual monetary rewards to their customers.

Integration API: Phizzle's Affinity and points system integrates with existing POS, web sites and mobile apps, allowing for multiple branded interfaces into the rewards program. This makes it simple for brands to integrate loyalty into existing mobile applications, websites or existing loyalty programs.

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